27/04/2012 17:21 BST | Updated 27/06/2012 06:12 BST

A Little Bit More of Marriage Equality Goes a Long Way!

Nope, I'm not sorry; I'm not done with it yet. I've just watched Mike Buonaiuto's 'End Marriage Inequality' short vid and moved was I! There may have been a tear; no one saw me and this can't be confirmed!

Really, this was a culmination of emotions felt after reading the continuing, tired, predictable, contrary, pathetic yet forceful campaigning against marriage equality. Dear God (pardon the pun), one of the most noted of these poor, narrow-minded troglodyte's is an MP. Yes, you read right, he represents a constituency in Parliament. He speaks on behalf of people in Government. And what pearls does he take with him to Parliament? Gay Marriage could lead to Polygamy and Child Marriage. He even tried to defend his comments by saying that he was just seeing through a train of logic to its full conclusion.

Maybe I'm just too sensible and level headed but how in the holy hell could two loving, consenting adults of the same gender getting married eventually lead, in any train of thought, to extending equality to a form of marriage that places women as property in a harem, and a form of marriage that, well, is just plain wrong anywhere on the planet (they're called 'children' for a reason.)

As Mike himself said in his opinion piece for Pink News, the people that oppose equality of marriage will stop at nothing to let everyone know how they feel and drive their cause forward. Conversely, there is a certain amount of apathy in the cause to bring equality about. Some aren't really in favour of it, feeling happy with Civil Partnerships. I'll touch again very briefly on the fact that this change in the law is about more than just two men or two women being able to get married, and I hope they can come to realise that. Many will rely on the fact that the current Government are committed to this change. I'm glad they are. They need to get something right.

But, we need a build up here; we need everyone who could be affected by the change in law and also by the vile, defamatory statements that are being slung about by the right wing religious to stand up and shout back.

Lets shout back first of all at those pioneering the Coalition for Marriage petition to defend 'their' institution. Strongly encouraging children in schools to sign the petition? Really? And now that the aforementioned MP has been quoted as referring to the 460,000 plus signatures on this petition, I feel I should refer to the rumours that before this latest subversion of a captive audience, word is the numbers were so big to begin with because of a little slip here and there in the pulpit read statements across the nation that might have led people to believe that gay couples would be allowed to get married in church if this change goes ahead. Propaganda much?

I'm beyond fed up of reading the hypocrisy from the spokespeople of this group. I'm not a celebrity with 1,000's of followers who can be heard quite so well but let me spell it out for them anyway; the change is to civil marriage. No religious institution will be forced to marry gay people, in fact; they will be banned from doing so (something I also disagree with). Your organisation is building a petition to present to Government in order to try and stop a change in legislation taking place. This is political motivation and taking part in the political process. Stop badly arguing that this is about religious beliefs.

Anyway, given the size of the

lets keep gays supressed
petition and with no regard whatsoever as to how it became so big, I urge you to watch Mike's video, and as you exit this blog post please feel free to feel... and sign the petition for Marriage Equality here.