23/04/2013 13:35 BST | Updated 22/06/2013 06:12 BST

Angels and Devils Control Your Fitness Levels

I guess we are all victim of our 'naughty side' our 'self indulgent side' where we throw caution to the wind and do all the things we know we shouldn't.

I'm at odds with the whole idea of living some puritanical existence where self control becomes self obsession, this does not appeal. There is a middle ground in all of our lives where the angel and devil meet and shake hands. I guess it all boils down to understanding that are you happy with the way you look and feel?


If you are not then you have to accept that all you have done to this point has not served you and you simply have to change something. I believe strongly that human will is a powerful thing and we all just have to fit the right will into the right situation. It takes will power to eat a bucket of Kentucky as much as it does to eat a green salad with dressing on the side. It is all the same. Will power is will power. What you have to remember is that improving self control is shaking up the inherited behavioural systems and actions you do sub-consciously and making a stand within your self.

'Just say no' was the 80s strap line for kids to avoid hard drugs, did it work?

I doubt it, but these three simple words have a lot of power and have become part of everyday language. Breaking habits and taking control of your life is not rocket science, it just appears to be painful and uncomfortable to most people.

We are all creatures of habit and regardless of our habits we will do them anyway. Breaking habits can take a while and unsettle the most stable and secure individuals. But fear not, there is a cunning self-appreciation and internal back slapping to a 'good day' of the right choices.

Ultimately, you have to want to change badly enough, it is that simple. I had a client recently who desperately wanted to lose 15kgs and came to me waving a sachet of protein in my face 'Should I do this?" was the question. I told him 'yes' as whatever you choose as your thing to be a catalyst to a new improved you should be embraced. The secret is, to do it to the letter and not become a serial quitter. Finish the process. Quitting never achieved anything and it takes self-control and will power to create a situation where change happens.

I have come across all sorts of negative habits in clients whom I have helped to change. The striking thing is use of language in so many people, it's so negative. Words like, can't, perhaps, maybe, nearly, hard, effort, to name but a few, should be eliminated from your vocabulary if you want to change.


How many times have I heard, "I can't run longer than ten minute's"? You can and I'm going to show you how. Will power and self-control need a platform to be able to shine through, you have to dig deep and take small steps towards your goal. Just tell yourself to, 'put down the donut', you know you don't need it. Clients often tell me that they hear my voice banging on at them about food choices and being bothered to get down the gym and work out. I'd like to think we are all powerful human beings, all with limitless potential and all of us can do great things. You just have to want to do it bad enough.

Start small and grow into good habits and good decision making. Deep down you know what you really should be doing. We all have amazing potential and we all have self-control. You just have to want to make the right choices at the right time. Habits are just choices and you have the power to literally do anything with those choices.