11/12/2013 07:09 GMT | Updated 09/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Is the Booze Making You Fat?

I constantly receive a stream of emails from those looking for support to either cut down or quit booze entirely because the effect it has on their waistline.

Yes, it is true that the booze can be your worst enemy if you are trying to lose weight and if you are like me and love your wine you should be aware.

Did you know that two 175ml glasses of wine is 248 calories?

That is the same as eating three chocolate biscuits -and would take on average 52 minutes of walking to burn off.


But what's more is that after a night of booze bingeing it's the next day that the munchies kick in. If you're someone who struggles to enjoy a dry night out or reaches for the booze when life is either great or bad then it's important to take stock right now and seek support. If you feel your drinking is extreme and you may be alcohol dependant then you should immediately visit your GP.

Steve's Slimline Tonic

For most of course it is the affect drink has on the waistline and can mean that the weight goes north rather than south.

Reducing your alcohol intake either means you need to cut down gradually or go cold turkey.

Either option is never popular with those who enjoy a drink but if you do neither then it probably means you will be fat for good.

Some of the immediate steps you can take right now include pacing yourself so that you consciously become aware of how much you are drinking and also agreeing what days or nights will be dry. This suits many people but there are those of course who prefer to booze bust and give it up completely.

However if you are alcohol dependant you should never give up totally because this can lead to unwanted side effects including mood swings and irrational decision making. Other practical interventions include:

i) Making yourself busier so that your mind is less focused on opening the bottle. Make sure you plan to be busy during those times of the day that you tend to drink too much.

ii) Drink slowly and consider sipping water as you also drink the alcohol. Not only will this help you to reduce your alcohol intake but it will also help you to avoid a hangover the next day.

iii) Set yourself mini rewards as you begin to manage your alcohol. Each week tell yourself that having drunk less booze you will treat yourself to something special.

iv) Start the day with a pep talk. Tell yourself that you are in control and are pleased that you will be losing weight because you are drinking less. Also be strong with yourself. If you hear yourself complaining it is difficult then tell yourself to get over it and move on because you have decided enough is enough.

v) When you go out socially take a limited amount of money with you so that you cannot afford to buy alcoholic drinks.

The Hypnotic Solution

Because excess drinking is habitual you should consider visiting a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist who has experience working with weight control and clients looking to cut down the booze.

Clinical Hypnosis will help to gradually program your mind to take back control of the habit and it will help you to desensitise your desire to drink too much alcohol. I always utilise hypnotherapy with my clients as it definitely brings a result faster than just sitting around talking about the problem.

Usually this will take between three and six sessions and a good practitioner will set you homework and remain in contact with you throughout.

So, if the booze is feeding your bulge take control of it. But let that start now as tomorrow never comes.