06/03/2015 09:23 GMT | Updated 05/05/2015 06:59 BST

How to Get What You Want

Without ambition I would be stressed. These days I hear many talking about how fast life has become, how so much more stressed we are, and how life is now one of materialistic expectation. I do wish they would give it a rest and talk more about the endless opportunity we now have in this world. Yes I acknowledge life has changed in many ways, but in my view it is very much for the better. I speak as someone who had a council house upbringing with my mum working as a cleaner and dad working in a factory type of environment. Back then one could have concluded I would finish school with little (which I did), and live my life in a mundane job. But I guess I stunned the sociologists who back then seemed to love to pigeon hole me as a poor working class failure. I now evangelise how the opportunity to get what we want in life has never been better, that is of course if you are prepared to get your head down and work hard. But how do you get what you want?


The 7 Essentials That Help You Get What You Want

Start with the outcome in mind

I am a big fan of starting at the end point and working back. Start by mentally experiencing the absolute final outcome of getting what you want. Be as detailed as possible noting what you see, hear, and feel, and each day place it into the back of your mind using self hypnosis so that it is locked in tightly. You will then probably find that this becomes part of your unconscious conditioning, and helps to ensure you remain focused and consistent in your actions to get what you want. Remember we are what we think, so ensure you are constantly embedding that end result.

Quit moaning and get on with it

Moaners achieve little in life. The only trophy they receive is the one for draining people around them. I encourage you to police your self talk, and if at any time it is whingey, reframe it to something more positive and constructive. Ensure you surround yourself with positive people and those that feed your ambitious hunger.

Implement success habits

It is one thing mentally embedding the outcome; it is another getting off your backside to make it happen. Remember that sitting on a sofa and hoping it will all happen for you is the biggest way to fail. Instead I urge you to identify the practical actions needed day in and day out that are aligned to your desired final outcome of getting what you want, and then getting on with doing them. These success habits can be categorised into daily, weekly, and monthly actions. It is at this stage that I find most people fail. Remember there are those who can talk a good game and those that can talk the game and take action to win it.

Model the best

We never stop learning. However I do not recommend you become a text book junky. Usually academics fail badly at getting what they want so I encourage you to model the excellence of those who have achieved what they want. Observe their practical habits as well as observing how they think and feel. In other words identify a few role models that inspire and motivate you to get what you want and hang out with them as much as possible.

Stay on course

I've started so I will finish has to become your mantra. All too often I see people who know what they want in life and start out with all good intent, only to fail because they steer off the flight path. If you want success then you have to keep going. Knock backs will come your way and you have to work through them.

Let green eyed monsters motivate you

As your success builds, so will your 'haters'. The green eyes around you will become bolder. My advice is to let them motivate you even further. All successful people have their critics. Of course we can learn from our critics, however let the malicious 'haters' drive your motivation through the roof and beyond, as they are as they are because they want a bit of what you've got.

Celebrate en-route

It cannot be all work, work, work! Ensure you celebrate and party as you move forward and achieve the milestones. Let your hair down (if you have any), and enjoy yourself.

The world really is a great place and the opportunity to get what you want has never been bigger. But remember to start by telling yourself to JFDI. I will let you work that one out for yourself.