For now, I guess this is that moment that everyone warns you follows graduation, where you never really know what's next.
This is a very personal point of view. And it is my point of view. But I do hope that some of it, if not all of it will be
Through your own thinking you can close the doors on opportunity and opportunities to make your life better and the lives of others too.
The internet is awash with wild tales of expat life, all the money and glamour and luxuries, but we were (and still are) entirely disinterested in becoming the stereotype. We just wanted to take a great opportunity, save a bit of cash (hopefully), and set our family up for a more secure future than the UK was able to offer us.
"The British public schools, which educated many members of the present Westminster government, of course place great emphasis
Emboldened by the support of cities, businesses, and investors, last December world leaders acted on behalf of their citizens
Positive Discrimination was outlawed by the Equality Act 2010. Yet, there remains an incandescent pressure amongst employers
As the Paymaster General concluded, "It's harder to climb the ladder of opportunity if the rungs are further apart. We've got to put more rungs in that ladder." This Government is already putting rungs on the ladder and will continue to, so that more people can start to climb. The Conservative Party truly is the party of opportunity.
There was something I wanted, let's call it The Opportunity. The Opportunity was presented to me as a possibility that I could explore. It would require me to think about things a bit differently, move out of my comfort zone, step up, take some chances. I decided to go for it.
As an Oxford graduate educated in a comprehensive school, I am dismayed at the idea of abandoning the selection criteria at Oxford and Cambridge universities. Academic standards would deteriorate and academically minded students would be denied the chance to aspire.