30/04/2014 09:12 BST | Updated 30/06/2014 06:59 BST

Time for Britain's Obese to Take Responsibility

I was shocked to read recently that the NHS is facing a financial crisis in 2015 as a budget freeze passed by the coalition government comes into force. Whether we agree with it or not this can only mean one thing; fat people need to wake up and take responsibility for their weight and stop expecting the NHS to fund surgery for what is arguably needed because of their own lazy lifestyle.


One study has indicated that two million adults could qualify for expensive weight loss surgery costing the NHS around £20 billion. At present around 8,000 people each year receive the treatment costing up to £11,000 each. These figures are alarming and whilst I can appreciate some people's obesity is triggered by significant psychological troubles, the vast majority have only themselves to blame. Yes Britain is the couch potato of Europe, with a mass of households allowing the sofa to feed their backsides. Why should you and I be paying for those who choose to take no action themselves to manage their weight? Personally I want my hard earned cash to be spent on those who can do little about their health such as terminally ill cancer patients and the disabled. If Fat UK PLC does nothing then you and I could be paying more tax sooner than you think to subsidise surgery for those who lack will power and motivation to sort out their weight.

So what can we do to encourage our nation to mind its weight?

It is my opinion that we have exhausted education around what to eat to lose weight and what is now needed are measures to shame our nation from a world of fat. I am lobbying Government to get tougher with their messages making it clear that responsibility is now the only answer and we should stop passing the blame to the food and advertising industry. I would like to see radical measures including warnings on restaurant menus that read 'If you are fat think before ordering', charging overweight passengers two seats on a plane, and official warnings to parents with dangerously obese children. Some may say it is a step too far. My response is simple. Motivation is about a stick as well as a carrot. For some reason the UK shies away from using it.