16/04/2014 08:56 BST | Updated 16/06/2014 06:59 BST

Hypnotherapists to Become Tougher on Fat Clients

If you thought Clinical Hypnotherapists were all about relaxation and gentle suggestions then you may be surprised to learn that more are about to adopt a straight talking style. Over the last year I have been busy developing a model of clinical hypnosis that replaces relaxation with go-getting motivation and hypnotic suggestions that are direct and no nonsense. This brand new style of hypnotherapy sees clients being told from the very start that excuses are banned, moaning is forbidden, and weight loss has to take place week after week otherwise the client is booted off the programme.


There's no doubt that this is a radical shake up in the way the majority of hypnotherapists choose to work with their clients. But it is my view that the days of tea and tissues in the therapy room have to go when it comes to helping a fat client lose weight. The vast majority of clients are fat because they have fallen into lazy ways, developed bad habits, and become addicted to food. It is for this reason that a client needs a firm hand and to be lead in a direct fashion, as opposed to sitting in a comfortable chair making excuse after excuse and being allowed to cry into a donut.

At first it may appear a bit hard but the reality is that many clients welcome this fresh approach and it can get results fast. No longer do they want to sit week after week discussing the problem (and let's face it many have already done this in slimming groups), and enjoying a gentle state of hypnosis, but many prefer a straight talking approach that brings a motivational energy and a no excuse environment.

The new programme known as 'Authoritarian Weight Loss Master Hypnosis' combines hypnotherapy sessions and motivational coaching. In hypnosis, clients receive direct suggestions that help them to become anti fat whilst at the same time being hypnotised to applaud themselves each time they break a bad eating habit. Outside of hypnosis clients are told amongst other things to deliberately observe fat people and become averse to living life their way, use a self made warning to be pinned up in the kitchen that reads 'if you are fat, think before eating, and to be cynical about diets that often keep people fat in the long run.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapists I am delighted to have developed this new approach which will sharpen up the tongues of my colleagues when it comes to working with fat clients. And yes they will need to start using the word 'Fat'. Will all agree with me? Time will tell.