05/05/2016 04:37 BST | Updated 05/05/2017 06:12 BST

Why Vote UKIP Today

Now many people will be undecided on how to vote in their elections today, I was once a swing voter myself before I found UKIP, so I know how it feels. I'm writing this today though to tell you why you should lend us in UKIP your vote. It doesn't matter if you're voting in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or England, UKIP it a truly national party that represents the whole of Britain and here's why:

- UKIP are the only party that wants to leave the European Union. We have been committed to leaving this failed political union since day one of this party. Only by voting UKIP can you send a real message to the political establishment about the EU before the referendum.

- If you're voting in a council election it's important to remember that a UKIP councillor is not under a party whip like the old parties' councillors are. UKIP councillors are encouraged to represent the people who voted for them not the party they belong to. Noticeable differences that residents have commented on are that UKIP councillors seem to be more practical and work harder than old party politicians. Whether it is cleaning up dog mess and litter from the streets, removing graffiti, patrolling the streets when the police are not available, cleaning public toilets or gritting pavements, UKIP councillors roll up their sleeves and get on with the job. In council chambers, UKIP councillors are fighting for older people's services and accommodation, fighting to save our post offices, protecting green spaces, opposing parking charges and road tolls and fighting against wind farms and overbearing large housing estates

- Most people in England and Wales will be voting on Police and Crime Commissioners. Our candidates promise to record ALL crime and improve ease of reporting. They will be visible, approachable and alert to the communities they serve. They will invest in locally appropriate initiatives in accordance with community issues including Zero Tolerance. They will incorporate cost-effective adoption of new technology. They will ensure more representation of the community on key policing issues and communication between the police and people. They will guarantee transparency and scrutiny through accountability and performance reporting of the police in compliance with an agreed Local Police & Crime Plan.

- In London we have a crucial election for Mayor and for the GLA. If you vote for Peter Whittle and our wonderful slate of candidates then they will immediately get to work on fixing London's major housing problem. By ensuring homes built using grants under the Affordable Homes Programme benefit local people who have lived in London for at least five years. Campaign to prevent foreign nationals from obtaining access to social housing until they have lived here and paid UK Tax and National Insurance for a minimum of five years. Lobby government to prevent non-British nationals from accessing Right to Buy or Help to Buy schemes. UKIP will build affordable housing for Londoners. UKIP's plan is quite simple: let's make London work for Londoners.

- In Northern Ireland UKIP are the true unionist choice. We believe in keeping our union together at all costs. Our brilliant local candidates will stand up for every man and women in Stormont, not stand up for themselves. They will stand up for a strong NHS, while making sure carers get a better deal, as they really are the unsung heroes. They will move to scrap car parking charges, never again should it cost you to visit relatives in hospital. They aren't just fighting for a strong NHS though, they need a programme for government. UKIP demand that a costed itemised programme for government is published as the basis on which a Mandatory Coalition Government will be formed by those parties failing to stand-up for a voluntary coalition. There can be no more crisis moments, no more failures, no more hoodwinking the public.

- In Wales, UKIP are led by my fellow MEP Nathan Gill and he has some brilliant innovative plans to make Wales great again. We pledge to involve Welsh Westminster MPs in pre-legislative scrutiny of legislation prior to its formal passage through the Welsh Assembly, at least until their numbers are reduced. Invite all Welsh councils to appoint one or two councillors to a panel whose members would be available to assist Assembly Committees in oversight of Welsh ministers and government, thus avoiding any costly increase in the number of AMs. End the constitutional navel-gazing which both threatens the integrity of the UK and distracts AMs and Welsh ministers from delivering key public services such as health and education. We also pledge to promote devolution to local councils and communities, devolve power from Cardiff Bay to local councils, such as over economic development, devolve some powers currently exercised in Brussels, like fishing to Wales after a 'Leave' vote and make St David's Day a bank holiday. UKIP will be a strong voice for Wales.

- Scotland's political landscape has seismically shifted away from Labour over the last 4 years. In 2014 we got our first Scottish MEP, the irrepressible David Coburn, elected and now we have the chance to elect MSP's that truly care about our union and care even more about Scotland. UKIP wants to deliver the best social and health services we can for the money we're spending. This can only be achieved through making the Scottish economy competitive. Scottish taxes must be no higher than the rest of the UK if not lower. We must keep Scottish business rates at a level that will not strangle enterprise. The UK must leave the European Union whose one size fits all trans-continental bureaucratic solutions damage our entrepreneurial society. All the other parties in Scotland make extravagant promises on welfare which they cannot possibly fulfil while running a £15 billion black hole. They are just trying to buy your vote. UKIP wants to cut outrageous town hall fat-cat salaries and other extravagancies before plucking the poor tax payer or cutting front line service. Some people in the town halls are on more money than the Prime Minister. UKIP will shake up Holyrood's tired old establishment parties which spout the same old lines.

So tomorrow, try a new type of politics and vote UKIP.