Northern Ireland

Foreign secretary says changes would not "make the EU any worse off" — but the proposals have already sparked fears of retaliation.
Liz Truss will unveil a bill today to rip up part of the Northern Ireland Protocol in order to restore power-sharing.
"Our country deserves better and we will not get better until Boris Johnson is gone," Peter Kyle said.
Suella Braverman attacked her opposite number by claiming her heroes were "Lenin and Corbyn".
Erin and co gave us all a better lesson on the Good Friday agreement than we ever got at school.
There's panic in the air now as no-one can agree how resolve the tensions in Northern Ireland.
Assembly unable to function amid fall-out from post-Brexit trading arrangement.
European Commission vice-president Maros Sefcovic said the bloc was "united" in its opposition to the UK position.
The Foreign Secretary warned Brussels if they do not show “requisite flexibility” over the Northern Ireland Protocol the UK will have "no choice but to act".
It looks like this controversial part of the Brexit arrangements is about to return the mainstream.