07/08/2011 19:04 BST | Updated 07/10/2011 06:12 BST

Are you a SMOG?

Another item in the news this week, was the notion that the mother of girls are becoming known as SMOGS.

A SMOG is the new breed of parent the "Smug Mother of Girls", also known as SMOG.

A SMOG is reported to be a Mum who feel horrified by the prospect of raising boys. Apparently rising numbers of women who want a girl will travel abroad to be implanted with a selected embryo so that they can guarantee the sex of their child.

They have the impression that boys' behaviour is unpleasant and believe that boys are noisy and smelly creatures.


Well - can I tell you - I am now officially a member of the DMOB - Defensive Mother of Boys!

I have one boy who is 11 years old.

I have talked long and hard to people on this subject - so today you can share my feelings.

When I got pregnant , I will admit that at the forefront of my mind was a girl. A lovely cuddly, pink, pretty girl who I could take shopping with me when she was older - someone who would be my companion in my old age and who would bring my grandchildren to see me as a matter of course.


With two brothers who both have boys, a husband who has two brothers and one of those has two sons, I thought it extremeley unlikely - although there was a glimmer of hope, so I just kept that thought in my head.

At the 20 week scan, I was desperate to know the sex of my baby, but my husband insisted he didnt want to know. But after a few complications and a bit of a scare when the baby didn't move for a day or two, I had a scan at 36 weeks. The midwife said that she could tell us the sex of the baby if we wanted to know - and I persuaded my husband it was for the best.

I will be brutally honest and tell you that when I was told we were having a son , my husband was full of smiles and I felt slightly disheartened. All hope of a pink baby was gone. I can remember that night over 11 years ago and that feeling still. But - I was having a baby - a boy - so I needed to deal wiht it.

I did what I knew best - went shopping! The clothes for boys weren't as lovely as they are now but they were much improved. I bought lovely baby blue babygros and some designer outfits from Debenhams. We had decided not to tell anyone else, so I mooched round the shops secretly and kept a keen lookout for people I knew. Once an old neighbour caught me with a pack of blue vests - I convinced her it was a present for a friend who had just given birth to a boy!

Eleven years later I have a handsome, lovely natured boy who has a lovely group of friends of both sexes.

I admit to having had a few pangs of jealousy over the years when one of my friends has had a little bundle of pink - but I am more than happy with my lot.

My one big worry is that when he gets married and has his own children that I will miss out. I know myself that if I have a spare half an hour to go parent visiting, I will always choose mine over my in-laws. I have a great relationship with my in-laws and they do look after Joe more than my own parents, so I have to get the thought of being abandoned out of my mind and hope that I have a similar great relationship with whoever my son ends up with.

I have lots of friends with girls - and if I feel like a bit of pink, I can just borrow one of them for the afternoon and whisk them off to a few girlie shops or to see a chick flick.

I am happy to be a DMOB - my boy is loving, funny, fit, strong and happy - he makes me happy and very proud. As he grows up he is starting to be a bit moody I admit - but wait till girls are about 13! Ouch!

He is scrupiously clean - he has shower gels, body sprays, face wash and his own aftershave.

He is thoughtful and sensitive to emotions - something I have noticed particularly of late when I have been going through a difficult period in my life.

In my opinion SMOGS are missing out - after all - girls fight, don't share their toys, are crafty and fickle.

What is their to be smug about?

From a dedicated DMOB