30/10/2014 12:04 GMT | Updated 29/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Sweating a Serious Issue

They say don,t sweat the small stuff, but for millions of women sweating causes absolute misery.

A shock new study revealed that 63 per cent of girls claim sweating is the most embarrassing body issue, vastly outweighing any other body hang up.

Its so taboo that celeb magazines pile on the sales using the 'ring of shame' paparazzi pictures demonstrating even the most rich and famous among us suffer.

As a beauty expert I know every trick in the book -but even I fall prey to sweating,

Wether its hot summer days or menopausal hot sweat days,trying to disguise the wet patches is an ongoing battle.

Even though its a perfectly natural human function some people do suffer more than others, we have 2.6 million sweat glands in our bodies they swing into action when the temperature rises to keep the body cool, some sweat evaporates from your skin taking the heat with it,the rest runs down your face and body.

You feel hotter when it is humid because the already saturated air leaves less room for the sweat to evaporate off your body !

About 1% of the population suffer from a condition called hyperhydrosis, where people sweat constantly from many areas of the body including hands and feet, this can occur even when the sufferer is not hot or stressed it can be a severely debilitating condition that people wont leave the house, socialise or even go to work. some sufferers hands sweat so much they cannot hold a pen.

A cutting edge surgical procedure is used in the USA to stop the hands sweating so profusely ,it is usually very successful but can result in sweat developing in another area instead.

For the rest of us there are many options to help, the aluminium chloride solution is one,

if you have not heard of this, it is available over the counter, usually in a cream form which you rub into your armpits before you go to bed and it lasts for 5 to 7 days without reapplying.

I have tried this several times but gave in and washed it off as the stinging was too much for me,

it may be that I have extra sensitive skin as I know people who find this very effective - so give it a bash.

Im not a botox virgin and i,m quite good with needles but I just don,t fancy having injections in my armpits !! but I do know this can be a successful treatment for underarm sweating .

I,ve listed below my tried and tested tips to winning the war on sweat without breaking into one !

1. Take it easy on the anti perspirant too much of it can actually have a negative effect and make you perspire more as your body tries to regulate itself, rather than keep topping it up keep baby wipes in your bag and freshen up in the loo and then re-apply.

2. It may not look pretty but attaching a panty liner in the underarm of your shirt or blouse will work wonders, avoid sleeveless outfits at all costs.

3. If you have an important meeting lay off spicy food and alcohol the night before to avoid sweating out these odours .

4. If you suffer from a shiny face carry some old fashioned cosmetic blotting papers ,they contain powder and can be used to blot excess shine in seconds they are available in most high st chemists or online

5. Natural is best stick to cotton clothes not nylon or silk,cotton will keep you cooler and wont show up sweat patches as much as other fabrics .

6. Its easier said than done but try not to beat yourself up,the more anxious you get the more you will perspire,try your best to relax and not think about it , remember we all sweat, you are not alone !