22/12/2014 01:31 GMT | Updated 07/12/2015 09:59 GMT

Ways to Start Afresh, Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Every so often we may reach a point in life where we realise that we need to make changes in order to introduce happiness and some quality of life. This may occur when we become inspired by the momentous decade birthday that's looming on the horizon. Or it may be good old New Year when we once again decide, somewhat half-heartedly, to lose a little weight or become more focussed on improving our motivation levels and sense of purpose.

But how many of us lose enthusiasm and give up within the first few days, weeks, months; how many of us actually succeed with our resolutions and proposed improvements?

If we're really looking to get rid of the old and commit to new focus, attitudes, and quality of life it's important to filter out the physical and mental clutter of our lives, to look beyond the things that keep us stuck, bogged down and tied to negative situations or feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed.

When we're cluttered and bogged down it can be hard to see what steps we need to take, and we can end up making poor, less intelligent choices. Less clutter makes for clearer options with more successful outcomes. The following video outlines four questions to help with the process and enable you to commit to live your life well.