23/06/2016 11:47 BST | Updated 23/06/2017 06:12 BST

A Guide to Dating a Single Mum

I have never dated a single mum, but I am one, so I believe that makes me an authority on the subject.

Let's face it dating can be tough. Often it is SO soul destroying you feel like you are permanently sighing.

So here is my attempt at making romancing a tiny bit easier. Granted I am only trying to make it simpler for a pretty specific audience of guys that are dating, or about to go on a date with, a single mum. But go with it.

Below you will find my flirty tips for successfully dating a single mum. Doesn't that have a nice ring to it!? And probably a bit of false advertising.

They will be constantly checking their phone

Standard dating tips will tell women not to look at their phone on a date because it will appear rude. If you are a mum this goes out the window.

When mums are going on a date they are leaving their beloved offspring with someone that isn't them, which means they tend to worry a tad. So yep, if your mum date sees a notification flashing up on their screen they will of course look at it. But it totally doesn't mean you are boring them (probably)!

They may wear a ball gown on the first date

Single mums, and mums in general, don't get to dress up and get their make up on as much as they did before they gave birth to their little bundle, or bundles, of joy.

If your date-ee turns up horrifically overdressed with makeup that wouldn't look out of place on a Hollywood movie set don't panic! They aren't psycho keen or desperate, they just don't get out as much, and they are absolutely making the most of it!

They will talk about their child a lot

Maybe not on the first date or the second or the third, but certainly by date four you won't be able to shut them up talking about their LO (I hate that acronym by the way)

In general when in 'company', I try not to bang on about my daughter too much. I consistently fail, because frankly your child is what you are thinking about 99 per cent of every day.

When dating it was no different. My boyfriend (obviously now officially a successful single mum dater) had to put up with me starting to tell him stories about my daughter thousands of times. And then stopping myself.

He has now reassured me that he actually likes hearing about when she goes and hugs random men at 'Stay and Play' and I almost believe him.

Guys this is certainly something to take into consideration. And for a bonus point try and get the child's name right at all times!

They are super organised / busy

Contrary to common belief a single mum does not sit around all day in their pyjamas watching Jezza Kyle or Lorraine Kelly. They are busy people with friends and family who have been helpful and loyal to them through their single mum years. They aren't going to drop these people because they are dating.

So making a date with a single mama is not as easy as a booty call style text on a Saturday night;

1) They might not be free in the first place 2) They will have to arrange a babysitter. Deal with it or don't bother.

You kind of have to talk about past relationships

It is meant to be a total no-no, however if you are prepared to date a single mum you also have to face it that you are going to hear about a past relationship, even if it is just the name of the baby daddy.

Granted this could be pretty painless but it is going to happen, facts will need to be established and quickly processed.

This particular tip is really no big deal unless you are super jealous. In which case single mum romancing is probably not going to be to your taste.

In summary

So all you wannabe single mum daters out there I hope you have enjoyed my handy, and not so succinct, guide.

My boyfriend assures me that dating a single mum is totally worth it, especially if you end up getting into a proper relationship with them and befriending (in a big way) their child or children.

I have a lot of respect for the guys that aren't afraid of dating a single mum. It shows a certain confidence and a 'who gives a damn' attitude.

But I am slightly biased.

Please let me know if you like my tips!