17/04/2015 11:07 BST | Updated 17/06/2015 06:59 BST

Dear Mum of Little Ones...

I've seen you, wrestling your pre-schooler off the swing at the park, trying to explain that he does not have exclusive rights and that there is in fact a number of children waiting their turn.

I remember it well.

I've seen you, dashing hastily to the toilet, toddler under one arm, scooter in the other, knowing already that it's too late and that you left the spare change of clothes on the bottom stair.

I remember it well.

I've seen you, airing your woes on Facebook, trying to work out the last time you had more than 3 hours of unbroken sleep and counting down the days until that one night with your husband, that has been promised to you by the in-laws.

I remember it well.

I've seen you, at the school gate, chasing after your toddler who is making a bee-line for the exit and as you visualise her running headlong into the road, everyone else seems blissfully unaware.

I remember it well.

I'm not here to judge, or to tell you to "make the most of the early years because they fly by so fast". I'm writing to tell you that it gets better. It really does.

One day you'll realise that you've left the house without having to re-enter it three times for toilet trips, forgotten 'snugglies' and a spare change of clothes - just in case.

One day you'll finish a whole adult conversation without being interrupted, get to the bottom of your coffee while it is still hot and even go to the toilet in peace.

One day you'll sit in the garden for a full hour, leisurely flicking through a grown up magazine and you'll realise that your kids are busily entertaining themselves without the need for a referee.

One day you will drop your child at their third sleepover in a week and instead of relishing the uninterrupted peace and quiet, you'll realise that you miss them.

One day you will reach the end of a family meal, only to realise that no one has spilt a drink, *nearly* all the vegetables have been demolished and one child even thanked you for their "delicious tea".

When that day comes - and it will, I promise - you will realise that those early days were worth it. The exhaustion, the guilt, the heartache, all of it. You will remember them with fondness - yes they were tough, but all part of parenthood.

This too shall pass. One day.


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