01/12/2016 07:21 GMT | Updated 19/11/2017 05:12 GMT

My Top 15 Parenting Rule Book Required

As an older mum of a two year old, I sometimes struggle on some bits of parenting. All my friends have older kids and most of the time can't remember or have blocked out when key milestones happened.

So I'd love a little book that tells me when the following Starts or Stops ...

1 - Leaving your child for more than two nights without guilt?

We have done this and I am so glad we are strong enough to do it. My husband isn't so happy about leaving the boy for more than one night unless the baby is with me. We have been away for two nights now and we all survived! Read about it

2 - Kids Parties - I'd be so over the top I'd need to re mortgage by the time he's 18

Something I try so hard not to do but I love buying gifts and making sure everyone as fun.

3 - Eating a full meal on their own, no assistance

Surely sometimes it's easier just to sit and spoon a few in! We struggle daily with this with the Rockstar but we will continue the slog of praising him after every spoonful. It's amazing how he does it at nursery.

4 - Not using baby washing tablets and throwing it all in together

What if he comes out in a rash? He has sensitive skin so I need to do the right thing for him for as long as I have to and whilst I'm the one doing the washing this is how it will stay.

5 - Not taking the buggy when you go into town

I can't bear the thought of him getting tired and having to carry him, I'm 45 after all. I did the walking thing when I popped into M&S the other day. Never again. Buggy all the way.

6 - Introducing the Potty

He told me he wanted to sit on the potty the the other day, he wasn't so excited to take his nappy off first!

7 - Stop justifying how you parent, mostly to your parents

I can't see this ever changing to be honest. Doesn't matter that I'm 45.

8 - Introducing movies in hope you're child will sit through one so you can have a warm cuppa

After I watched all of Paddington and he took no notice, this actually happened. Toy Story was the winner

9 - Leaving your child to roam free upstairs ie; in a semi enclosed space while you jump in the shower

Almost achieved this, but the enclosed space was the bathroom so I could see his every move.

10 - Bottle of milk before bed

Offered him a cup but he sobbed and sobbed. This one I'm not rushing. He likes it and so do I.

11 - Forcing him to have morning milk in a cup not a bottle

Offered him a cup instead of a bottle, he took one sip and that was it. The plus side is that he has taken to eating more breakfast sat at the table which proves the bottle was just a comfort thing for him and maybe me. He drinks from a cup during the day.

12 - Believing them when they say they aren't hungry and stop force feeding them

I beat myself up about this every day and have even made two lots of food for him at teatime just to get him to eat. We always go back to the faithful Annabel Karmel

13 - To let your baby cry it out when he wakes in the night and you know nothing is wrong

I tried it and not sure I'm any good at it. Don't worry about it, give the child a cuddle. It really is a phase, it has passed in our house - for this week!

14 - From Bed to Cot

Currently he's not trying to climb out of the cot so he's staying there. Not pushing this.

15 - Not feeling bad about having normal TV on in the background when you're child is playing happily

I forget he's gone to sleep sometimes and it's still the kids TV on. As long as the grown up TV is appropriate for him to hear or catch sight off then I'm all for this.

I could go on, there will never be a book and I know every child is different but sometimes it would be quite helpful just to have a little hint!