31/03/2013 06:55 BST | Updated 29/05/2013 06:12 BST

Innovative Community Radio 'The Urban Kube' Showcases the Best of Muslim Talent

The Urban Kube, a show aired on Luton based community radio station, Inspire FM, has played host to a range of renowned and emerging talented Muslims and presents a refreshing view of the contribution Muslims are making to British society and across the globe.

The show is hosted by multi award winning interfaith art consultant and founder of the Creative Muslim Network (CMN) Shemiza Rashid and has been recently shortlisted for The Arts and Community Award 2013 by Luton Community Magazine. In addition, the Producer of the show, Shemiza has also been nominated for the 'Best Muslim Radio Presenter 2013 and most Innovative Muslim Radio show 2013 for the MOMO Awards Music of Muslim Origin.

Shemiza said in a statement that, " I wanted to the bring the passion I had for the creative Muslim scene closer to home and to the community of Luton to engage, motivate and inspire the listeners with the stories of people who have successfully balanced faith and creativity"

She further stated that, "I felt we needed re energising away from all the negativity of islamaphobia, to help break the mind set that certain Muslims began to perceive of themselves and how others outside the faith perceived them to be. I feel that the Urban Kube helps to maintain that much needed balance that Islam does not constrain but does enable a healthy work balance. It's a show that celebrates the contribution that British Muslims are making as pro active citizens in the field of art, activism, academia, business and more"

The innovative radio show broadcasts every Sunday at 2-3pm direct from the heart of Luton on Inspire 105.1 FM and has featured popular Muslim celebrities such as Islamic music artist Saif Adam, Kristiane Backer from MTV to Mecca, Hollywood budding film director Lena Khan and many more prominent Muslim figures. Fighting misconceptions about Islam in the world today and appealing to a mass audience both in Britain and around the world can be a challenging task; however innovative platforms such as The Urban Kube show can further enhance the positive contributions of Muslims around the world.

The show has grown from strength to strength since its first transmission three years ago and has inspired and motivated the community through featured guest interviews helping people to set up art clubs, get involved in creative writing, go into further education and perform or get into volunteering.

The Urban Kube has also sponsored hundreds of books with the help of the CMN as competition prizes, to encourage broader reading across the community.

"We are proud of the fact we are Pioneers in Muslim community radio; a show that has gone in to the heart of the British Muslim community to showcase the positive stories that the mainstream are missing. Showcasing Muslims as inspirational innovative, happy, positive people with great personalities and who can be creative too" said Shemiza.

Shemiza further stated that,"I never imagined that I would have continued this long but it's because the stories of our communities achievements are not running dry .I have so many stories to share especially the emerging talent in the Muslim arts, media and the music industry".

Author, Razwan ul Huq whose book 'Sultan vs. Dracula' was commended by Hollywood director Sean Stones described the show as "A pleasure to listen to. There is always something new in her programs about what is happening in the Muslim creative scene. The interviews that she does are jam packed with information. Often witty, always informative, her show deserves a wider global audience."

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