13/08/2015 10:35 BST | Updated 13/08/2016 06:59 BST

Get a Fringe Thirst and Come PLAY

The Fringe is ruddy well here and after last years sell out run and the heartening call of Mums fridge we knew we had to come back, but this time we're in BATTLE....

Lisa: Alana I'm begging you please dont play that techno remix of The Spice Girls " Wannabe". Please.

Alana: Shut up they love it!

*Lisa puts her hand over the play button*

*Alana pushes down hard on the button with a smirk*

*Lisa cowers under the both*


And thus, the idea for our immersive, interactive DJ show was born, and what a messy, but necessary birth it was. For years we've bickered in the booth about what to play and it took us a good few years to realise the magic is in the clash (woah that sounds like an 80's power ballad). Our generation have become their own tastemakers, anyone can blog their opinion, create playlists, blog their "must haves" - we dont rely on the select few "chosen ones" to pave the way as much N.B. There is still very much room for these people, they are essential to the music industry.

We also never really got the chance to go to big production concerts when we were younger so wanted to create an immersive experience that was half way between the production values of a £90 arena show and your general club night for a tenner. It merges our theatre backgrounds, our love for our old Sega Mega Drive and the clubbing world all in one show.

We needed to create a format/game to put the audience in control so "MacWorld" has lots of different stop off mini worlds like Dubstep Dungeon and Disco Drop to visit and different artists such as Calvin Harris and David Guetta to lead you through the EDM enchanted forest and you decide where you go and who leads you. We both have VERY different ideas of a good night so theres a green route with Envy (Alana) and red route with Rediva (Lisa) and you decide how you want to get to the top of Party Peak and defeat Wanye Pest. The audience vote with glow in the dark bands and theres mini challenges and power up levels along the way like Stumblin Falls which is a little drinking "pitstop".

We stay in each area for around 10 minutes so theres lots to choose from and hopefully everyone will leave having heard something they like. Theres also super cool animations from Mike Scott (genius behind the Goldfish videos and Nickelodeon's 'Moosebox'), balloons, dancers (Twisted Perfection who just warmed up the crowds for Taylor Swift at the SSE Hydro) and a SNOW MACHINE. We want everyone to not take it too seriously and just have fun and a shimmy.

Lets's pretend every night is Saturday night, everyone that has been so far has left sweaty and giddy, so come joinnnn the parrrtaayy. Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12.30am at the Gilded Balloon.