06/06/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 06/08/2014 06:59 BST

Recipe of the Week: Taglierini With Fresh English Peas and Proscuitto

You have to do this recipe this week as the English peas are perfect at the moment. If you wait too long they will become old and tough.

This is probably the best way to enjoy peas as the combination of the sweet peas with the salty proscuitto and the butter pasta is absolutely delicious.

You can do this with frozen peas but it is not the same.

Always make the most of an ingredient in season! The less you do to it the better it tastes. Have a great week!


Serves 4 starter portions

250g Taglierini pasta

250 g shelled young fresh peas

150g sliced proscuitto

75g of unsalted butter

1/2 clove of finely sliced garlic


In a sauté pan or frying pan add the peas garlic and a cup of water. Turn on heat and cook the peas by bringing the water to the boil. The water will reduce and cook the peas. Add the butter to the peas and rip up half of the proscuitto and add with the peas and butter. Check the seasoning.

In a pan of boiling salted water cook the taglierini until it is very al dente. Take the pasta out of the water with a pair of tongs or a pasta claw. Add a ladle of the pasta water to the cooked taglierini, peas and proscuitto.

Cook and toss the pasta so the starch thickens up the sauce. Rip up the remaining proscuitto and add to the top of the pasta when they are in bowls.

Serve with some black pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan. Try with a chilled glass of Soave Classico.