07/08/2012 07:08 BST | Updated 06/10/2012 06:12 BST

Remove the Bulge From Your Wallet: Introducing Kooki, the Loyalty Card App

Is your wallet or purse bulging at the seams with receipts and loyalty cards? That's the problem which inspired Kartina Tjandra to create Kooki, a new app for the iPhone and Android that lets you put all those reward cards onto your mobile phone.

"It's a simple problem, but one that needed a solution" Kartina said in an exclusive interview. Launched only two months ago, Kooki has already been featured in The Guardian as a 'Winning New Business' and looks set to be a hit with Londoners as it partners with new shops everyday.

"We're talking with many cafes and restaurants at the moment. It's very exciting as they immediately grasp the concept."

Now, instead of having an excessive amount of loyalty cards stashed away and getting creased, you can store them digitally on Kooki. To receive a reward stamp or sticker from the shop, you simply scan the QR code on the shop counter.

What's the benefit for businesses? "They gain new customers and provide a better experience. Kooki is fun and social. It's also much cheaper than handing out printed reward cards, and better for the environment too."

This is definitely the best of London apps, available to download from the Appstore and the Android Market. With many new features coming on board soon and new shops signing up everyday, I'm looking forward to watching this app develop and grow. Be gone bulging wallet!