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5.5 ways To Survive The Snow Like A Student

1. Do not hide yourself in the nearest library and start burning books. This is very much illegal, among other things, and besides- a lot of them have plastic covers, which don't burn well and reek when you finally get them going. Probably. Stay at home instead and watch the movie instead- or better yet, watch Frozen Planet.

2. Wear boots. It's dull, I guess, but they help you in avoiding those awkward moments of fleeting terror whilst walking on the ice, and they don't absorb the snow as fast. Boots mean more secure footing, and more time making snowmen/building snow-forts/getting into snowball fights before your feet start going numb.

3. Avoid public transport, if possible. Sure, it's one way of warming up, but a lot of services close down in Britain anyway, due to roads being inaccessible and traffic accidents. Unless it's important, stick to places you can walk to and save it for another day.

4. Write a comment about it on Facebook/tweet about it. For some reason this feels right. Don't question the logic. Just make it cheerful and take a load of photos featuring you looking cheerful in the snow. Make an album of it, celebrating your adventures in this strange new world. Social networking is craving your input into the expressing of life with snow.

5. Check your university email. This way, you won't be unpleasantly surprised when the lecturer asks if you did the work they set you over email on the day they couldn't come in. It's also useful to do so on non-snowy days, but more so when you have the possibility of building a snow fort instead.

5.5 Buy a PS2/Gamecube, as my housemates did, and indulge in some retro action on the be honest, I'm not sure why they decided that now was the time to do this, but it's sort of relevant if you play games on snowy levels/SSX.

You could just use a current gen console, of course, and save around £20; decent games for this kind of thing include Uncharted 2 (for PS3), Skyrim (for Xbox 360) and Monster Hunter Tri (Wii).

So, there you have it. Best of luck!