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Free Will or Fate? How we Decide how our Future Unfolds.

Pretty much anyone who has seen a psychic at some point in their life has had a prediction which has not occurred, but why is this?

Pretty much anyone who has seen a psychic at some point in their life has had a prediction which has not occurred, but why is this? Why do psychics predict things which just somehow manage to disappear instead of manifesting? Yes, these predictions do seem to revolve around whether or not Barry is in love with me, or if Steven will come back in the future. Often times when these prophecies it's easy to end up feeling pretty dejected in Spirit, not to mention disbelieving in the ability of 'Martha the Gypsy Fortune teller' - or whatever their catchy name was lit up in fairy lights.

Since professionally working as a psychic and having now read for thousands of people all over the world, I really wanted to understand the nuts and bolts of how future predictions work. Some psychics refuse to predict the future - or they cannot, but some do, and with belief that their predictions are accurate, accurate enough to mention *, and that '*' stands for free will. So what is this "Free will", and how can it alter your future?

In any moment in time we are all always given the choice to act - or not. We can choose to walk left or walk right, or even backwards - the choice has always been ours. Yet, what is the outcome of this? Is there repercussion from choosing the wrong path - is there even a 'wrong' path?

So how do we get our heads around this constant state of potential change? I discovered that each and every person has a personal navigation system which is directly linked to their individual destiny. We are hard wired to be drawn to our natural destiny and how it should flow. Meaning that you - at this moment in time can feel within how your life should unfold, which path to take, which relationship to jump into with open arms - which relationship to jump out of as well! When predictions are made it is based upon the fact that all parties involved will subconsciously follow the flow, which most times they do. There are times when this does not flow so seamlessly, as more and more people react and respond out of fear rather than trust, people step away from their natural flow.

Think about how many of your friends (or even yourself) have acted out of fear, chosen to not open up to love because you were scared of getting hurt, and not giving an amazing person a chance? Sounds crazy reading it, but many people opt to run away from their fear rather than facing it and healing it, letting it go forever. This concept can exist within any part of life. If you EVER decide that your previous pain is greater than the potential payoff from the Universe you are immediately stepping out of flow.

The best way to be aware of your actions and direction is to take a check of how you are feeling. Are you feeling excited and loving of how and where you are? Do you love the friendships you have around you? Are you in love? Are opportunities coming to you without you even trying - or is the contrary true for all of these? When you are in flow things click. Follow your heart and how you feel about things; make your choice in each and every moment to feel good about things - never at the expense of anyone else, but at the release of everything and everyone else. When you are feeling good you can immediately sense where the flow leads.

When people act out of flow and you are within the flow you do feel shaken by the turn of events because it feels so foreign to you. You may feel as though something truly wrong has taken place in the Universe. The best - and most reassuring advice I can offer is this: as the second something occurs that was outside the original blueprint the Universe immediately realigns to create a new course to bring all parties back into alignment. It may take some time, but you will not be forgotten about, in fact it always works out better!

Everything is perfectly planned and taken account of, even if people do step outside of their flow, it is inevitable for them to return to it - so you don't need to stress a moment about it! Focus on how in flow you are; you see things grow when you are in the flow. You see powerful events take place and you see love come to you. You feel great about things because you feel you are connected! So as you can imagine, it is your constant, dominant and automatic state to draw yourself back into flow if you step out of it accidently.

If a 'lost' love is meant to be it will be, you don't even need to worry about it. It will naturally find its way back to you. If an opportunity is meant to happen, it will! Just flow into alignment with it by belief and putting the feelers out there when called for, and then relax! Put yourself into position by following how your heart guides you, the map to your destiny is right there. We have an amazing capacity for soul evolution, sometimes it is only our wounded ego that wants to wallow, but our soul has already grown and wants the next amazing experience to come, it's your job to keep up with it!

Every being is destined for something great. Every soul is blessed with free will, and with that will, they decide how great they will be.