04/09/2011 13:56 BST | Updated 30/10/2011 05:12 GMT

London Calling and the Power of Trust

Upon my first few days in London I have come to realise a few different things, including but not limited to; 1) my 'luxury executive studio' is smaller than my room in Sydney - and this seems to be normal. 2) There are a lot of people in London - seriously a LOT, and 3) This whole London 'coldness' describing the Londoner attitude isn't really what people think it is.

Well the room issue is a work in progress; the photos online led me to believe that this was a really modern and well decked out studio in the heart of Chelsea, having never been to London before I wanted somewhere which had ease of access and also a really nice area to be. After a 20+ hour flight from Sydney I arrived at 6:30am - with not too much sleep on the plane, to head to Chelsea where I would stroll for 5 hours before I could check into my room. I took this time to become close friends with Star Bucks and their free WI-FI, I quickly realised why they are so popular and also found on just about every corner. Note for new comers: they do not have international power adaptors, something I could have done well to foresee before running out of laptop power, but hey, I was running on 3 hour sleep and in a foreign land I decided to cut myself some slack.

I have noticed a funny thing about travelling and being exposed to the new energies located in the area, it puts you on edge - for no particular reason. Everything is new and slightly strange, so you heighten your senses to be aware of more, hopefully ensuring you don't fall prey to some trap which any local would know to avoid.

Anyway I finally made it into my new digs; there was a moment of questioning if this was the right place for me. It was quickly affirmed by Spirit when I saw that the room had Buddha head statues everywhere and a couple of Hindu ones alongside books on Buddhism. I headed to the window to look at the view and saw that the building opposite me had a very old facade and had carving work on the brick, the initial of someone from my past carved onto the building opposite reminded me that synchronicity was flowing properly and that I just needed to go with it and trust.

Trust is a funny concept isn't it? Spirit taught me a long time ago that you can't actually learn trust unless it is tested, and you only learn it when you do whatever it is you are being asked to trust in relation to. It's that old 'faith without works' saying but this time 'trust without the jump isn't trust at all' is the way to describe the lesson. You have to be in the position of feeling like you are jumping off a cliff - and having no idea what will happen. In those moments you are given a chance to learn trust, not knowing what will happen because you don't have a plan, you only know you listened and responded to the call. This is the way we learn trust, to learn that everything is perfectly fine, and we are protected and safe. Then learning that any experience we deem to be contrary to this only occurs in the moments when we hold ourselves separate from this truth. Of course if you believe things will go wrong and that you must create plans, lists and back up plans you will only ever experience things going wrong - because you have set it up, the Universe must respond. But if you would like to learn trust and to see the Universe extend its hand out to you each and every time it asks you to jump, you soon learn that you don't even need to look before you leap, you just jump knowing that you are being cradled. The Universe loves this trust in it, and it responds so gleefully each and every time. Always constantly building up showing you miracle after miracle, this is the way the Universe was set to work in union with our experiences.

There have been so many examples saying that the Spirit doesn't look out for you when you trust, but I know there to be so many that support this idea. This is what we need to be talking about, hearing about, and sharing with each other. This law is universal and it will respond the moment you decide to believe it.

So besides my reminder of the lesson of trust, Spirit has really let me see the power of connecting with each other through genuine interest.

Many people told me about how cold and rushed the Londoners are and it has been such an interesting experience jumping right into their collective vibration. I have noticed that the more I connect with people saying 'Hello, how are you?' directly to them, truly meaning it they just open up, and are quite surprised that I genuinely am asking. It seems as if some people have gotten so complacent when it comes to sharing with each other.

So many people are wishing that someone will care - even if it is for just a moment and when people act in separated or nonchalant ways. It is only because they are feeling disconnected, so the safest thing to do is to act like none of it matters and they are self sufficient and strong. No one is an island, as much as some might try to act the opposite, we are meant to connect and be connected to each other

There is such power in smiling at people and asking them how they are. Everyone wants to feel special, and none of us are so busy that we don't have the time to ask how each other are. We exist in this moment in time together, so how about we promise each other to share in it.