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Simply Synchronistic-ally

Something any budding mystic or spiritual adept needs to wrap their head around is the idea that your destiny is unfolding moment by moment with little sign posts to follow your own individual path, this happens via synchronicity!

Something any budding mystic or spiritual adept needs to wrap their head around is the idea that your destiny is unfolding moment by moment with little sign posts to follow your own individual path, this happens via synchronicity!

It's just a fancy way of labelling the 'random' or 'coincidental' set of events that aren't really random or coincidental at all, they tie events together via energy. For example; have you ever thought about Martha and decided to call her straight away only to find that she was just thinking about you - or she had just been offered tickets to your favourite event and she would love to take you? This is the first and most important step to take for new synchronistic adventurers - answer the call, no matter how small it may seem!

Consider it like a snowball; the more you pay attention to it the greater it builds, not only in velocity but also in mass. It may start small so you play the game, but soon enough it will be as clear as seeing names or answers written on signs in front of you.

Ok, ok - you want an example don't you? (Names of players withheld)

Well, a long time ago, in a place far away there was a mystic called Todd. Todd was going between Sydney and Adelaide at the time; at that point housing was a little bit difficult to find in Sydney to say the least. I had gone to Melbourne to see my friend for his birthday, whilst there I ended up chatting to a guy (just chatting), didn't think too much of it. We hung out for coffee and something amazing happened - I laughed, more than once! I had even forgotten the dumping via SMS I experienced from my ex only a few weeks earlier. Often we hold onto scenarios because of the ending, we haven't been treated properly. E.g.: You did this.. wrong to me - how could you do that? I am worth more than that! Instead of letting it go we demand justice hoping that we can make the other person see the error of their ways, then hopefully removing the lack we felt from the event. It never satisfies, let it go!

This person just seemed really cool and I enjoyed his company. I tried to keep contact, and would randomly hear from him only when I had written him off. He was either both completely bad with communication and returning messages or he was just plain rude and self involved, maybe a bit of both. I put him in the 'Forget about it' pile (which we should always do with these types). If someone doesn't have enough respect for you to reply or return your call they simply don't see you properly, please don't punish yourself over it. It has nothing to do with you; it has to do with their vibration in relation to yours. Just get them out of the way for someone who will, there are plenty of opportunities for new connections when you open up to them!

I finally found a place I wanted to move into which matched my criteria, and immediately found out one of the current house mates didn't like me (part of that lie detector thing; I can sense how people really feel). I knew she was scared of me for some reason, later this revealed itself as past life stuff for her to deal with - which she inevitably did and we became friends.

Most people if considering moving into a place would probably steer clear of situations where one of the two existing flatmates didn't like you and vehemently requested you not move in, right? Apparently not me; Spirit was adamant - this was the place I was to move into. I knew it; my other flatmate who is also very spiritual knew it too. About a month later of waiting and unbeknown to me - arguments and discussions, I moved in to the Magick house (It's the nickname we gave it)!

A month or so had gone on and I hadn't spoken to this guy, he seemed to be far too much hard work, but I must admit there was a huge pull towards him, I couldn't explain it - I barely knew him after all. For some reason I knew that it was not finished; far from it in fact.

Eventually we ended up chatting, and we actually had an argument on the phone which was strange for the both of us, he admitted he never gets angry at people, but I was the rare exception (thanks?). He had to come to Sydney soon after so we made plans to catch up then (which he failed to come to just in case you were wondering).

I then spoke to my flatmate and he asked me about the situation and I explained it, he asked who the guy was and what he did so I said, my flatmate couldn't believe it. My flatmate told me that this guy was actually friends with the previous flatmate who moved out - the one whose room I was now staying in. In fact, the guy in question used to sleep on our couch when visiting Sydney! Needless to say this was weird - even by my standards. Out of all of the potential households in Sydney, out of all of the potential people you could meet in another state and then remain in contact with and they all end up connected!

This is proof that nothing is random - absolutely nothing. I knew the best thing for me was to let the scenario go. I actually did, but then of course fate stepped in again, over and over randomly making us cross paths. You should have seen his face when I eventually led him to my door to show him where I lived. When you see spirit flashing huge lights in your face illuminating the importance of people or scenarios - it's hard to ignore.

When you are in the moment of the experience you won't necessarily understand how and why things are playing out - that isn't your job. Your job is to listen to the signs and follow them excitedly. Everyone has a choice; this is the law of freewill. Destiny is destiny however and you can run from it for a while but there are certain things which always come to pass. I will explain how this works in my next blog which will be about the law of Freewill.

Try it for yourself, choose to do something about the thoughts you receive which urge you to go certain places and do certain things. If you see a poster which features a name of someone you have been thinking about call them. There are signs everywhere and you will be shocked and surprised at how important things flow from these seemingly small actions.