28/10/2013 10:45 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

The Dangerous Words of Russell Brand

When I first finished watching Paxman vs Brand, my first thought was yes! Brand is talking so much sense! I completely agree! Yes we need to completely revolutionise the political system, yes we need to start protecting the environment , yes we need a mass redistribution of wealth.

But then about 30 seconds after the interview had finished, once Brand's charisma, charm and humour had faded slightly, I realised that the prospect of people following Brand's lead in not voting, is very dangerous.

Yes, there is mass disaffection, yes there are the rumblings in the form of occupy, but no, people are not going to rise up in revolution, overthrow the current political system, and install some kind of spiritual socialist utopia. It simply ain't gonna happen. Not anytime soon anyway.

People are suffering now, Tory policies are harming people now. I know Brand has never been known for his responsibility, but encouraging young, left leaning members of society to not vote is completely irresponsible, and will serve only to further harm the people he is increasingly looking to provide a voice for.

As broken as the system is, and for all Labour's flaws - I am by no means a huge supporter of the Labour Party - they do offer an alternative. The system isn't going anywhere, engaging with it can still bring results (just look at Reykjavik). At the next election we have a chance to get rid of the bedroom tax, the possibility of energy prize freezes, as well as a less cosy relationship between the government and bankers.

This might not be the radical departure from the current policies that Brand is looking for, and may not seem a big difference in governance to him, but anything that can make people's lives just a little bit easier, and stop hundreds more from being thrown out of their homes, I'm all for.

I for one won't be waiting around for Brands revolution. I will be voting to get rid of the Conservative Party from power, a party which has been criticised for its lack of compassion by even its ex leader. I hope that the millions who have watched and shared the video on social media - including the huge number across my own networks - will do to.