Sex Made Simple

08/02/2012 22:31 GMT | Updated 09/04/2012 10:12 BST

It's 2012, the age of instant. We all want quick answers to complex questions but when we try to find them, there's so much information out there, we're bamboozled by choice. Its especially the case with sex. There's a surplus of information about it (some great, some bollocks) - hands up who's bewildered by the overabundance of it all?

I totally related to recent research about mobile phone buyers that showed those with the most choice, ended up the least satisfied once they'd finally made a decision. Those with only a few phones to choose from, felt content with their purchase. Fabulous moral to this tale... Except few of us have the discipline to say, "Sod the internet/papers/Twitter/facebook and every other device and network that gives me too much choice. I'm only choosing from stores within walking distance of my home." Good, sound, altruistic idea but good luck trying to get everyone to agree to give it a go.

It's this surplus of information and choice which led me to write five mini e-books about sex, instead of producing my usual coffee-table-style tome (around 120,000 words). Our attention spans are reduced, our lives are busier because we all need to work harder, we'll all broke and I thought it timely to target some common but specific sex problems rather than write a big book covering a lot of areas.

So, this blog is primarily to introduce you to SEX SOS. It's my new series of e-books designed to give you instant, practical, useful information without you having to wade through an entire book to find out what you want to know. It's a fresh new format with up-to-date information based on all the latest research. Most importantly, I've chosen topics that men and women continually ask me about. If I've got it right, these little books will deliver what you want: quick solutions to sort out your sex dilemmas pronto!

What are the things I'm most asked? Men ask me how to last longer in bed, so there's one for him devoted to pre-mature ejaculation and similar issues. Women ask me lots of things but they tend to fall in several main areas. Orgasms - how to have one/more/with their partner - hence the, 'Why can't I have an orgasm?' title; sex toys ('How do I use my rabbit?' is what you're after if this is you) and desire. 'Will I ever want sex with my husband again?' is one of the ebooks I especially enjoyed writing because it addresses a very real problem in our society. Couples ask me how to have saucier sex, which was the inspiration for 'How do we have hotter sex?' The books are short, to-the-point and I promise they won't contribute to the information overload.

Once you've had a look, let me know what you think even if you don't end up buying any (On Twitter @TVsexpert or Did keeping the book small and specific help you? Or would you rather a bigger book that covered more topics more thoroughly? Having written 14 books that are available worldwide, I'm curious to know what people want now. The world is extraordinarily interesting right now with all of us adapting and changing to technology that isn't so much pushing us forward but forcing us to pole-vault into the future. The way we get information about sex needs to change to keep up. Hopefully, the Sex SOS series does just that!

Here's a link if you want to check it out.