16/11/2015 10:10 GMT | Updated 16/11/2016 05:12 GMT

As ISIS Strike Further Into the Hearts of a Nation, Are We Going to Wait for Death to Fall on Our Own Doorstep?

As false reports of fresh gunfire in the central Paris square, near the Bataclan, sends people fleeing for their lives; it's clear the world is on tenterhooks, anxiously waiting for the next hit, for news on friends and loved ones fallen in the massacre, that has already callously claimed 132 lives.

These extremists are not Muslim, they do not follow a religion, they merely use it as a mask to hide behind; twisting the true meaning of the Koran to brainwash potential new recruits into thinking they're doing some kind of good for the future of mankind, when really they're leading us to our own extinction.

After evolving for millions of years, the modern human first walked the earth 200,000 years ago. In that short space of time, we've made miraculous discoveries; we've engineered air travel, walked the moon, discovered how to generate electricity and how to harness its power, unearthed cures for otherwise terminal disease; despite it's faults, the human race is an amazing one. Are we really going to destroy our own civilisation, because we don't like how somebody else is living?

If there is a god, he or she will be up there, watching us destroy ourselves; our knowledge and thirst for power, slowly ruining everything we have worked so hard for, overshadowing our incredible achievements. Earth wiped out an entire civilisation 66 million years ago; I believe it will happen again. Suddenly, everything we've been fighting over will become meaningless.

If Islamic State really portray Muslim values, why are they killing so many of their own kind? Why are they destroying sacred temples and Mosques? Why are they leaving their fellow brothers and sisters open to retaliative hate?

ISIS hasn't just brought devastation upon France; there have been unforgivable attacks on Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Pakistan, but the atrocities witnessed in Paris reached a whole new level of depravity. ISIS were purposefully looking to slaughter the young, they wanted to rip out the heart of Paris' much loved culture by attacking a music venue, a football stadium, bars and cafes.

Just like France, both the UK and America have been leading the fire on Islamic State in Syria; so it's not a case of if the UK will be attacked, it's when.

Are we going to sit and wait until death falls on our own doorstep? Katie Hopkins says to close the borders, but ISIS are not just travelling to the countries they wish to destroy, they are attacking from the inside, by brainwashing those weak enough to be drawn in. Like a disease, forcing the human body to attack its own cells.

If we are going to defeat this terrorist organisation, we need the world to unite, true Muslim's and countries of the middle east included. As for the UK; we've fought this battle once before, and hopefully, we can win it again.