Experts share advice for parents when it comes to combatting extremist propaganda.
Teachers and academics are worried about the extremist views being heard in UK schools.
Insurrectionists had enough ammo to shoot everyone in Congress "five times" — and they were radicalised by decades of NRA fearmongering, a new report finds.
The monster that Trump created doesn’t need him anymore.
A chilling report on the massacre is an indictment of institutional Islamophobia — in New Zealand and Silicon Valley — that led to 51 deaths.
The president told the group to “stand back and stand by” during Tuesday's election debate with Joe Biden.
Report describes neo-Nazi groups urging people to "deliberately infect" Jews and Muslims, amid warnings social media firms are failing to act on fake posts.
Cops have a far-right media ecosystem of their own, where they post racist memes, spread disinformation and call for violence against antifa.
My life was destroyed by the far right, and I know I hurt many people in the process. I don't want to see anyone else go down the same path, writes Nigel Bromage.
Studies of leadership decapitation suggest groups like ISIS often find ways to survive.