15/03/2017 13:15 GMT | Updated 16/03/2018 05:12 GMT

Why I'm Sick Of Your 'Male Privilege' Argument

Stuart Dee via Getty Images

I'm sick of this bullshit view that trans women have or have all had male privilege in the past. As a trans feminine person, I can testify and assure you that I NEVER had male privilege and I was six-years-old when I was first called a 'fag' or a 'sissy'. I was continuously put down for being very effeminate and gender non conforming for the most part. It is only in the last few years that my gender expression conforms in certain ways. Claiming that trans women have not faced misogyny for most part of their lives is simply a generalisation that is not realistic to make. For my entire life I have been treated badly because of my femininity.

The idea that trans women might have enjoyed male privilege might not seem very strange to most people - but it's an extremely simplistic and un-educated view that shows no regard to the vast range realities that trans women all around the world face. Claiming that they all have had male privilege and can therefore not be taken as seriously as cis women or aren't as real and authentic is ridiculous. Surely, being perceived as male for a part of your life can give you a privilege to an extend - but it is also a crushing and a forceful assignment of identity that no trans woman has ever been or will ever be comfortable with. Having to hide a way a part of yourself and being scrutinised and greeted extremely aggressively by society if you so as show a sign of femininity is not a privilege. So meanwhile some trans women might have a privilege to a certain extend for some part of their lives, they can never be in the same position as cis men. Because they are essentially and unequivocally not men.

Subjecting womanhood to the idea that only cisgender women are the true, pure and authentic women is the exact same thing done by patriarchy and gender binary - diminishing women down to their body and anatomy. It is highly unfeminist, essentialist and damaging towards all women from all walks of life. Women are a diverse group and not celebrating all of them and accepting that they all have different struggles is not acceptable. A certain experience or a status granted to you by birth does not make you more eligible to womanhood. Claiming so objectifies women to their bodies alone - something feminism and gender studies have fought and argued against for so long. Don't be a hypocrite - stop debating trans women's lives or authenticity. It's sad, boring and harmful.

Just stop.