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Top 10 Tips To Change The World To A Better Place Now

Investment in 'doing good' is another type of investment that we aren't used to. It won't give you an immediate monetary result in hard cash, but this return on investment is different, and much bigger and more valuable than anything money can buy.

Top 10 tips to change the world to a better place now;

1.Do Good, Feel Good, Be Good

When you do good you feel good and you can be good, when you feel good you want to do more good and then you feel even better...

Investment in 'doing good' is another type of investment that we aren't used to. It won't give you an immediate monetary result in hard cash, but this return on investment is different, and much bigger and more valuable than anything money can buy.

It can buy you inner happiness. It can buy happiness for others.

2. Educate, Educate, Educate

Start with your own family and children. Teach your children to love and respect themselves and each other and everyone else, regardless of race, religion, ethnic, education, status, talent and looks.

Teach your children that education is key, and they should be happy that they have the opportunity to learn; to embrace it and be excited about their learning every day.

Learn from your children, they have often a much more forgiving, loving and accepting nature, unless taught differently.

Read about history, religions, cultures and current affairs. Develop an understanding of hate crimes, racism, sexism and nationalism, and what impact these movements and ideologies have on society now and before. In turn this will help you to address angry, dissatisfied people in a more humble and respectful way, without arrogance, judgment or hostility.

3. Speak up because your silence gives approval!

When you hear someone downgrade or be disrespectful about another human being, tell them immediately that it makes you and others feel really bad, that it is not right or cool. Don't disapprove in silence because in the speakers mind, you then agree with them.

Speak to your Government and MPs about your views.

Write about it and raise awareness.

But whatever you do, do it in a respectful and kind way.

4. Vote when you can

If you are lucky to have a vote and live in democracy, please use it when you can!

Your vote is extremely important. Your vote counts. Your views are important

Make sure to educate yourself before you vote so you are fully aware of what the vote stands for.

5. Positive attitude

Actions speak louder than words, so be kind to people around you and ask what you can do to help to make them feel better or feel more loved, every day. And one day someone might do the same for you.

Celebrate others' successes and others will be happy for you.

Good attracts Good, Love attracts Love, and Respect attracts Respect.

A smile goes a long way; share your smile around you every day.

Meditate, do Yoga and Pilates to find inner peace and happiness.

Positive affirmations every day will help you go a long way.

Take good care of yourself, if you feel good, you can do good and be good and that will make you feel even better!

6.Celebrate all the good that is done in the world and spread the news to inspire and raise awareness.

We need to spread good news- good attracts good.

We need to celebrate all the good things that people and organisations are doing every day.

Start by sharing this article with everyone you know.

Nominate a good cool person you know on

7. Shop, Travel, Live and Eat wisely. Be informed and support companies that are doing good and are taking corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Shop wisely- investigate companies' CSR strategies and policies on, food, clothes, cars, services, toys. Support the good ones, and more will follow.

Understand the countries you are travelling to, support good businesses and destinations that are, for example, treating their staff well.

Get involved in your own company's CSR strategy; make sure you have one, and if you do, help your employer to promote it and implement it.

Ask questions if you can't find the information you need; let companies know your views and what you care about.

8. Give back, get involved and invest in good

Get involved as a family; choose something good to do together

Teach your children that actions are more important than appearance; teach your children to do good, be good feel good, every day

For example: support a charity organisation; give away toys and clothes; feed the homeless in your local area; do a volunteer trip together and build a class room in India; give Christmas presents to an orphan in Lithuania; go and visit the elderly at a home.

Choose a project or cause and get involved locally, nationally, globally, and individually, as a group, as a business or as a club.

Raise funds for a cause, donate to another organization, or raise awareness about something that you feel really strongly about; do it yourself.

9. Recycle and Reuse, read up about the climate change and energy consumption

This is our world- let's take care of it.

There are tons of information on what you can do, I have included one link below;

But one thing could be using your smart phone less that will also give you the great opportunity to spend more time with your family and friends instead...

10. Take Human responsibility as a Global Citizens

There is no "Them"- it is only "Us'- one human race.

Let us live like that. Let us teach our children this.

Have good work ethics and earn money and pay tax if you can, so you can contribute your part to help take responsibility for your children, your family, the education system, healthcare, pensioners and disabled people in your country and in the rest of the world.

If you can't work and earn money for whatever reason, make sure you do what you can to contribute with kindness, respect and love and charity work.

Realize that it is easier to change yourself than change anyone else, as change comes from within, so make sure to take responsibility for your own life, values, beliefs, education, work situation and actions.

Be a good role model and understand that whatever you do, people around you will do whatever you say.

Challenge yourself with the question what can I do today to make a positive change for others and myself?

If you don't like something, change it.

Educate yourself, every day.

I believe that Love, Peace and Happiness will concur all as long as we are educated and have our basic needs fulfilled, do you agree?.

You and me can make a change to make the world a better place. Today!

Spread the word, read, share and like.

Love to all

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