Ulrika Lorenz

Philanthropist, Journalist and Chief Editor for and founder of Mantra: Do Good,Feel Good, Be Good

Ulrika Lorenz’s motto is Do Good, Feel Good, Be Good. As a Philanthropist, Journalist and Chief Editor for and founder of DoGoodNow, she has devoted large parts of her life to projects that make a difference. She writes articles to raise awareness about human trafficking and other crimes against human rights. Through her work, she hopes to inspire others to find good social initiatives to support.

Ulrika’s enthusiasm for connecting with the outside world, and helping the less privileged, started early in her career, while she was at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden in the early 1990s. Since then she has become a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur who has chosen to use the majority of her wealth to invest in a future with less poverty, and especially in a world without slaves.
Ulrika works as a freelance journalist and publishes her work on various digital platforms and across social media. She blogs at and offers her articles for free to charity organisations that would benefit from publishing her material.

Projects that Ulrika has personally been involved in:
• Housing and integration of refugees from the Middle East and Africa, in Sweden, her home country, 2015 to present
• DoGoodNow one year project in Costa Rica, Micro-financed Vocational training for Women, 2011
• Financial support and work against human trafficking and sex slavery internationally, 2010 to present
• One year of voluntary work in Thailand to rebuild the infrastructure after the Tsunami disaster, 2006-2007 (together with the Swedish Microcredit Foundation)
• Teaching mindfulness and Yoga, ongoing

Ulrika believes that everybody can be inspired to do good. What goes around comes around, and every single individual can do something to make this world a better place. She is determined to do anything she can to raise awareness and be a catalyst for other people to take action. This could be anything from teaching mindfulness and yoga, to sharing knowledge, raising funds, housing a refugee, or helping to rebuild a house after a natural disaster.

She thinks it is time to take human rights to a new level and start talking about our human responsibilities. To invest our energy and capital in creating the kind of society that we will all benefit from; a future with less poverty, no slavery, and better respected human rights for everyone.
Ulrika is passionate about finding people and projects in the world that are making a difference, to help people to find a good cause to get involved in and celebrate the good that is done, every day. is a brand new news portal, created to promote and highlight individuals and projects that deserve to be celebrated and supported. 
This is a platform where you can get involved. You can write articles about and bring attention to the projects and people that you care about and wish to support. With the sole purpose of ‘Do Good Now’.