11/02/2016 06:09 GMT | Updated 10/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Admitting to Being a Belieber at 35!

So here it comes, a proud admission that I'm a little bit in love with Justin Bieber.

Yep you read that right, and you know what, there's a lot of us out there so let's unite!

It's time to stop worrying what others will think, I'm 35 and I respect the Bieber.

And I know I'm not alone.

Master Biebs launched his album Purpose last year to critical acclaim and a no 1 album on Billboard 200- meaning more than just tweens and teens had to be listening, right?

I'm looking at you mamas!

It's time to question whether you're a secret Belieber?

Look, let me get this out there: I don't fancy JB, he really is too young for me, and baby face looks were never my thing, even as a babyish tween, but his music makes me happy, it makes me glad to be alive and it makes me want to dance (and sing badly at the top of my voice)- it's really just that simple.

Why does life have to be so complicated anyway, who actually cares if a 35 year old enjoys a 21 year old's tracks?

Who says I must either be 16 or that obsessed chick who sleeps with a cardboard cut out of Justin every night? Why can't a *cough normal 35 year old with pretty discerning taste not appreciate the Bieber man (OK he's not quite a man yet but soon!)

Now for those literally without a clue about Bieber (where've you been people?)-he's a YouTube-discovered child star, now 20 something with a smooth and catchy singing voice, with a doey-eyed Joey Lawrence back in the day style look about him.

...I'll be honest too I haven't followed his career closely over the years, it's thanks to the MTV screen at my local nail salon and the odd radio play that I even got to hear his TUUUNNEES but I made a purchase the other week and actually bought his album 'Purpose', and it's been on repeat ever since. (My husband might be filing for divorce any time soon ;).

And while my rocker husband doesn't appreciate him, my kids certainly do. And I suppose that's the appeal.

Not feeling like I have to give up my musical tastes for nursery rhymes in the car now my children are 6 and 3.

I mean, my kids have grown up appreciating a mash-up of Beyoncé meets various Cbeebies CDs (do they even have names?) meets Classic FM-we love and appreciate all musical genres but the more mutually desirable, the better (sorry Cbeebies).

It's the same with my man Pharell, Justin is universal-he makes the kids and I collectively joyful.

True story.

And wait until you play it on your car's CD player.

It's all about dancing and driving (safely) in this house people or discos in the lounge.

(*I so need a real night out).

And I present you his latest ad campaign.

I look at Justin in his CK glory as I would a teenage son (my eldest is currently just 6)- a beautiful boy, yes, but also a young man with an incredible amount of talent.

A guy growing up in the glare of the public spotlight, messing up as we all would, trying to find himself no doubt, all the while being an artist (and flaunting his erm calvins).

I'm digging you Bieber.

So are you a Belieber too?

Come on now, be honest!

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