There is a surprising connection between our legs and our brains.
Promotional feature from Voltarol
When someone offers unsolicited, unhelpful advice to the masses, you can rely on Twitter users to provide the perfect response.
"By age 35 you should have a huge box of cables you can't throw out because you're pretty sure you still need a couple of them."
Where does time go? Where do we go?
International Men’s Day (19 Nov) might be over, but that doesn’t mean conversations around men’s mental health should cease
I am consciously behaving and acting, as I want to, not as feel I ought to. I am tuning into what I want. It doesn't mean I have stopped doing everything I do; I'm just giving greater weight to my wants first. And even saying "no" sometimes, something that is very hard for a serial people pleaser.
One of my clients was an elderly gentleman, who I will call Stan (not his real name). Stan was very independent, but never learnt to read or write. He had his own systems for dealing with things, and needed a little extra help at times with reading his letters and understanding his bills.
Having the ability to reverse ageing seems more like a miracle than a medical possibility, but now a team of scientists claim