Love Island Fans Have A Lot Of Opinions On Age Gap Relationships This Year

Should the show have an over 21s policy?
Davide and Gemma
Davide and Gemma

The country’s favourite dating show is back and we’re hooked to our TVs again. Love Island has proved once more that it’s the show that keeps on giving. Just two episodes into the new season and already, the public has some strong opinions.

So far, we’ve watched the Italian stallion Davide pair up with Gemma. And some viewers were shocked, considering the fact that Davide is 27 years old and Gemma is only 19.

The pairing sparked conversations around age gaps in relationships and whether it’s appropriate for a 19-year old to be dating someone who is eight years their senior.

For some, the age gap is too much:

But others are highlighting some hypocrisy, as Wes and Laura had a significant age gap. Wes was 20 and Laura was 29.

The coupling has led to many calling for Love Island to be restricted to over 21s.

But others say 19 is over the legal age of consent in the UK, so what’s the big deal?

Really, we’re just here for the funny takes reminding us how old we are.

What do you think?