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A Letter to My Eight Year Old Daughter

Sometimes I want the best for you so much I forget about the present time. I think about the future and forget that you are standing there, right in front of me, wanting me to play and laugh and chat and watch you dance.

Our baby girl turned one today and I will write something special to her in a beautiful book for when she is older.

Yet this evening, I felt drawn to writing a letter to our eight year old girl. She has been poorly the last couple of days and I have been caring for her, seeing her in a different light and really noticing how vulnerable she is and how important my love is to her.

I will give this letter to her but felt like sharing this with the world in the hope that you might also feel inspired to write to your daughter (or son or anyone you love) to let them know that they are loved. I found this to be a most wonderful thing to do. To really focus on everything I love about her. It is so easy as a parent to get lost in an ocean of 'Don't do that! Do this! Walk faster! Eat slower!'

I often write blog posts after thinking about what to write. This evening, I wrote this letter then decided at the end that it would be a worthwhile thing to do, to share it.

You might also want to write a letter like this to yourself? These days, in a world where gossiping is the norm and where we highlight eachother's faults freely and at will on social media... it can be a challenge to become centred again and to see the beauty. I invite you to see the good and to write it down and share it and pass it on.

Dearest heart,

Sometimes, when we are not together, I miss you so much... it is a feeling I have had since forever, that we are totally linked.

So when you are at school or even sleeping, I sometimes feel like I miss you.

But this is a good thing! It is good because you are growing every single day into an independent young lady, full of talents and wonderful virtues.

I admire and love you so much.

I am proud of you.

Sometimes I want the best for you so much I forget about the present time. I think about the future and forget that you are standing there, right in front of me, wanting me to play and laugh and chat and watch you dance.

Oh how I love to watch you dance! You are full of energy and life. You have really got some powerful moves there!

I love the way you love music so intently and you remind me of myself so much. You 'get' music. It stirs you. Makes you feel... which is brilliant! I am so glad you are a feeling person! You care... you care about Charlotte the Spider in Charlotte's Web. You care about your friends and the pain they are going through. You care about me all the time and your family...

You do so many lovely and caring things. Foot rubs! Pouring me a bath. Thinking of others all the time!

Your drawings are... superb!! Honestly, I just see how you are blossoming and I look at your childhood and try to focus on all the good things. Like how we spent so much time together. How I was able to give you milk for the longest time and how you have a really healthy mind and body and attitude towards raising babies!!

I love you dear heart. I love you so much. I sometimes get sad to think of us one day not being together, how we are now.

But I am pretty certain, in fact 100 per cent certain that our bond is so great that we will always be together. That we are bound by this elastic band that is made of pure silver and moonlight and that no matter where you are in the world or where I am... even if I am in the next world... we are bound by something stronger than blood and life and the umbilical cord that connected us when you were in my womb.

I love you.

I am proud of you.

I will always be there for you, unconditionally, loving you because I see you and celebrate you for who you are.

I want certain things for you but also realise that you are your own person.

I love that you are an individual and that you answer me back! I also try to teach you obedience but am happy (secretly and now not-so-secretly) that you know your own mind enough to call me on things that are not important.

I always said I would never nag but I know I do. And you remind me that sometimes, we can just let go and just be.

You are brilliant. I see God's creative power in you. I see virtues and blessings and angels surrounding you.

Whatever path you choose in life, you can always count on me loving you, hearing you, believing in you, seeing your truth and beauty, being your greatest supporter and friend.

With love,


Your Mama

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