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A Note to Everyone Who Did Not Get the Grades They Wanted

I am sure there are many like me who did not get the results they wanted. Is this you? If so, I need to let you know something. It is OK. Really!

So it is A Level results time and well done to everyone who got the grades they wanted and the grades they worked for. This is indeed a time to celebrate!

I am sure there are many like me (over two decades ago - see above photo, aged 19, living in Africa, volunteer teaching) who did not get the results they wanted.

Is this you?

If so, I need to let you know something.

It is OK.


For whatever reason you did not make the grade, whether it was because like me, you decided to practice the bass guitar instead of studying because you couldn't see past having a good time or perhaps your teacher tragically died half-way through your A Level years and you lost interest and felt demotivated... Or perhaps you were awesome at course work and taking your time but just couldn't do exams... (all me me me!) Or perhaps you fell in love just at that moment you were supposed to be revising... (yep and happily married to him today!)

So you went in to get your results and you a got a B for Theatre Studies (yay!) a D for English (ok my life is over) and an 'N' for French (quelle surprise!)

You curse, you cry, you feel embarrassed, worried you let your parents down and like you just can't go on...

Then you make some choices. You travel to Africa for a year and teach. You get an unconditional offer to do a teaching degree based on your volunteer year away.

You get a distinction for your final teaching practice, get your first teaching job, set up a performing arts company with friends, get married, get a book published, have a beautiful baby girl, travel, work, love, laugh, cry and serve, live and work in China, have another beautiful baby girl, write more books, write music, perform, love and laugh and cry some more... you don't think for one moment about that time years ago when you cried your eyes out and felt like a failure.

Then you remember how you hinged everything on that grade.

And now 22 years on you can see that the grades didn't shape your life at all.

You did.

This was my story and I lived to tell the fabulous tale. I love my life now. Please do not waste any more moments worrying about the grades you did not get.

Just get out there and live your awesome life!

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