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Mummy-Led Weaning - Why We're Bucking The Trend

Why I'm going against the grain and doing it my way.

I love food. I love all the flavours, smells, textures and combinations that are available. I love the experience of creating delicious dishes and meals and sharing them with the people I love for everyone's enjoyment.

In fact, I'm so into food and sharing it, that when we bought our house my one non-negotiable deal-breaker was that it had to have an open plan kitchen/dining/living area for this precise reason.

So, when the paediatrician we've been seeing to get to the bottom of why my little one is sick all the time suggested we start weaning her at four months my inner foodie jumped for joy!

For me, Violetta's food journey is about so much more than just filling her tummy up and keeping her content. It's about flavour and texture, social time as a family and experimentation.

I have decided to wean her on purées that I make myself (or with my Mum - food is a family affair in our house!), instead of the popular approach that is baby-led weaning. This isn't to say that I'm anti baby-led in any way. I'm a big believer in parents making the right decision for them and their little ones!

So why mummy-led weaning?

Simply, it works for us.

Violetta happily eats from the spoon. She loves purée and we have a super interactive mealtime. She tends to finish what's in her bowl, sometimes even wanting more, and she's currently not too bothered about holding the spoon.

This means I get to indulge her with homemade purées and flavour combinations that I'm fast learning she loves! Today she has had porridge with date puree for breakfast, sweet potato and peas for lunch and for tea she will be indulged with a blueberry, star anise and vanilla pudding!

I feel like we have all the time in the world for her to hold food in her hands and select the order she wants to eat it in, learn about the textures and consistencies of the food and be a mucky pup too.

I'm a traditionalist. I can't help it. I love all the mod-cons and I like to think that I'm a fairly 'with it' and up to date mum, but I honestly love the old fashioned idea of starting with the super pureed flavours and then gradually progressing onto 'proper' food. Of course, I've put a little twist on it by adding in lots of yummy herbs and spices to get her taste buds tingling. Who said baby food had to be boring!

One day, when she's a bit bigger, I'll give her samples of foods to hold and try feeding herself, but for now mummy is in charge and we're loving our food journey together!

If you want to see more of our foodie ideas or follow where we're at with the weaning journey, its all over on Instagram @everycloudsparkles. See you there!