Baby food

"Do not feed it to your baby," says Food Standards Agency.
Why I'm going against the grain and doing it my way. I love food. I love all the flavours, smells, textures and combinations
When 'wean-day' came on 16th March (the day Jesse turned 6 months) life threw a bit of a curve ball in the form of mastitis, a potential breast abscess and two days in hospital. Needless to say we didn't stress about sitting Jesse down for his first bite and just waited for things to calm down.
Weaning isn't anything to be frightened of. Neither is it a definitive, military operation, governed by strict rules and riddled with pitfalls and potentially calamitous consequences.
UPDATE: This article originally stated that Mr Healey contacted Cow & Gate to make a complaint. We have since learned the
Making your own baby food can be a lot easier and quicker than you think. The guys at Zoom In have created a 50 second how
So here's the thing, it is almost six months since I gave birth to my daughter and it is glaringly obvious that she is ready to be weaned. 'Glaring' being the operative word because that is precisely what she is doing.
Mumpreneur is a term that divides opinion, but Annabel Karmel sees it as badge of honour, as she believes mothers develop
I've been meaning to put all my weaning recipes in one place, but, well I've been busy weaning. Lawrence is now nine months old and eats pretty much what we eat. I have been asked many times since he was born whether I follow baby led weaning or the purée method and quite honestly I've mostly been avoiding the question. It's just so political.
Did your children eat the same meal as you. If the answer is yes, well done you. I am sure you managed to cook the meal from scratch, refused to buy... highly processed children's lunch box snacks from the chilled compartments in the supermarket and a takeaway is a rare treat for special occasion. You should be extremely proud because what you're doing is best for your kids.