08/05/2013 10:49 BST | Updated 08/07/2013 06:12 BST

Isle of Awe Land or Let's Get Lost Land?

Awesome Jumper Land. Magical Escape Land. Best Place to Grow a Beard Land. But to what land of beards, jumpers and escapes are we referring? Iceland, of course.

Travel and journeys are all about seeing things through the filter of your own unique perspective, and Iceland in particular seems to draw huge quantities of awe, admiration and joy from people. Certainly on my own visits I've experienced a feeling of anything being possible, of people making things happen and of an overwhelming feeling of peace.

It makes sense then that Inspired by Iceland have taken this idea of creating a web of personal experiences and run with it, asking fans and visitors to offer up their own suggestions of what they would call Iceland.

The subject of Iceland's name isn't a new one, with debates often raging over whether Iceland and Greenland should swop names. And in fact Iceland has already experienced its fair share of names includng Snæland (Snowland), Garðarshólmi (named after Gardar Svavarsson) and Eylenda (Island).

It was a Norwegian Viking called Hrafna-Flóki, or Raven-Flóki, who gave it a name that actually stuck, spotting an icy fjord which prompted him to christen the land with the name we know today.

Challenging Floki's slightly restrictive and purely ice-based naming, Inspired By Iceland's campaign encourages visitors to think beyond frosty and explore all aspects of the country. And with 25,000 responses it's certainly got people talking (and indeed naming). Currently on show in Reykjavik is an exhibition showcasing the top twenty names suggested, along with beautiful imagery and a story for each.

Lava Land tells Andre's story of the beautiful moment that the sun rose behind his wife as she climbed across a lava field, bringing him a revelation and a lasting memory. Jason's Best Place to Grow A Beard Land tells of the stubble he lovingly nurtured on his journey around Iceland and his planned return for Airwaves Festival 2013 where he will grow his next beard! Warming Heart (but not feet) Land contributor Sue tells of her feeling that no matter how cold the weather, the people of Iceland seem to perpetually glow with warmth. It's a truly beautiful collection of imagery and stories.

Now Inspired by Iceland are down to the final two names - Isle of Awe Land and Let's Get Lost Land. Filmmakers and music video directors Rollo Jackson and Abteen Bagheri have created two beautiful films to showcase each land and help voters make their minds up. Directed by Rollo Jackson, Let's Get Lost Land is a heady, visual mixtape careering from the calm interior of the Hallgrimskirka to a steamy underground gig. Directed by Abteen Bagheri, Isle of Awe Land is a magical sweep over black sand, through long grass and across the night sky. Both films showcase completely different sides of the country and the experience.

What do you think of the films? Take a look below and visit the voting page to choose your favourite.