06/05/2014 07:13 BST | Updated 05/07/2014 06:59 BST

Cycling Adventures: What Next?

I was surprisingly fine in the days after my 102 mile bike ride. In fact, smugly so. I was back in the gym, doing my normal cardio classes a couple of days later. My legs were fine. I even got back on the bike for a ride or two.

It was weird though, not having the pressure of a deadline, or a time to beat, or distances to achieve. Everything seemed to lack focus. I was working insanely hard before the ride, both on the bike and in the gym, and now, there's no real reason to go, for want of a better phrase, bat-shit mental. I'm very competitive and really driven by either showing off, or winning, and now my exercise lacked either of these motivational drives.

I'd been so careful on the build up to the ride, to be taking the right things, from hydration to gels and post workout protein shakes, and I just let this slip after I'd finished. Well, what was the point? I did the thing I set out to achieve. Surely, I don't need all the guff now that I'm back working out as before?

In the middle of the week after my ride, I did a normal Tabata class, and the next day, could barely walk. What was up with this? Forty five minutes and I'm spent? I did eight and a half hours in the saddle last week, and was FINE!

I realised that the difference was the guff, and the preparation. I hadn't had any of my special drinks, or supplements, I'd been taking so carefully for weeks. My legs weren't having any of it, and decided to give up and make me walk like I'd only just learnt how. I genuinely couldn't believe I was covering my legs in muscle rub after a forty five minute gym class! Before my ride, a kindly friend sent me some Physicool bandages, and I was feeling super smug that I didn't need them at any point during my training. I was genuinely baffled that I needed them now, but thankful that I had them!

I decided to start taking all the bits and bobs again, including the magic powder (not it's actual name, but it should be), which, I took after a workout the next day, and it sorted my legs right out. After all this palaver, I decided to reassess what my fitness goals are. I think for me, I work best when on a deadline, or with a clear aim, but I just need to decide what that is. 'Toning up' , whilst marvellous, is too vague, and I hope will be a by product, if I aim for more challenging things!

So what next? Suggestions welcome......

I've already cycled past a field alpacas, which I'm not sure will be beaten.