23/05/2017 10:10 BST | Updated 23/05/2017 12:12 BST

My Letter To My Younger Self: You Will Find Your Career Vocation Eventually

Exams are over and it is really time to feel liberated and rejoice. Why? Because your life and I emphasis 'your' life is only just beginning.

The world is your oyster and you really can achieve anything. Nothing is going to come easy, rest assure but do not waiver. It is important that you continue to persevere even though you may get knocked down many times. You will have thoughts on whether you should stay down and give up.

It is all too easy to just blend into the crowd and become another face. That is the easy option, and an option that you are not going to choose today or any other day.

You have so much to offer, experience, skills, positive attitude and ambition - do not give that up to fade into the crowd because that was accepted in the past. I know you will have people trying to dissuade you from applying for certain jobs or trying to apply for promotions, trying to derail your goals and dampen your passion. Rise above and believe in yourself and self-worth.

Smash down the barriers or the glass ceilings that you encounter with your intelligence, empathy, knowledge and ambition. You deserve to be where you are because you worked hard and have the skills and abilities to prosper. Do not allow anyone to stereotype, judge you or put you in a corner whereby you are excluded from the masses because of your gender, race or sexuality

The issue to theirs not yours - move on gracefully. I wish I was told more that sky really is the limit and the only limitations in life are your own. For those of you that are not told this enough, believe it, visualise it and dream it. This really is your time. The future is yours, go and change the world or create something wonderful.

There may be many people who will want to tell you what to do next with your career. Family or friends who have an influence on what you are thinking. We are heavily influenced by our surroundings, our friends and family. The majority of the time they only have your best interests at heart, but only you truly know what is good for you.

But this can only start when you really know what you want and understand what your values are. Start by understanding what provides you with a purpose and meaning, what is important to you. This is a good starting point.

Luckily, the work place and careers has evolved, we no longer have a job for life and I am pleased about that. We need to continuously learn, develop and grow as individuals and feel challenged. We need to be fulfilled; when we are fulfilled we are actually happier professionally and personally. Sometimes when we remain in one place, one company although comfortable we become stagnated and our desire and ambition deteriorate and our productivity declines.

Please do not become fixated on carving out a career in a specific industry because you have a degree related to that sector. Please do not believe because you didn't get a certain grade you are not able to pursue a certain career, become fulfilled or successful. Please remember due to technological advances jobs that are here today, may not be here tomorrow but new roles and careers are been developed constantly. It is important not to have tunnel vision but a peripheral and holistic approach.

I think it is important that your job, your life, your vision and goals change but they can make a difference. You are our future leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and social justice champions.

There is a place, career and a job for everybody, whether it takes you two years or twenty years to find it - make a choice and go for it.