26/09/2015 05:03 BST | Updated 25/09/2016 06:12 BST Are in the Know About the Chaos of Leaving and Benefits of Staying in Europe are in the know about the chaos of leaving and benefits of staying in Europe. During a BBC report of the freshly launched on Thursday evening, this shot from the campaign's offices caught the viewer's eye... are in the know about the chaos of leaving and benefits of staying in Europe.

During a BBC report of the freshly launched on Thursday evening, this shot from the campaign's offices caught the viewer's eye:


It seems that the Leave campaigners are well informed about why EU membership benefits Britain.

To highlight the fruits of their research, let us run through the list in more detail:

1. Easy to work / travel abroad

• rightly point out that millions of British ex-pats live and work across Europe. In fact, 2.2million Brits live elsewhere in the EU according to the foreign office. Would want them to face restrictions on travel?

2. Millions of jobs rely entirely on EU membership

• While there is much debate about the exact number of jobs linked to our trade with the EU, are right on the money in identifying the importance of being in the EU for British jobs and growth. Multiple studies have shown that up to three million UK jobs are linked to EU trade. Each time they try to deny this, we know they're covering up the truth.

3. EU membership allows us to help shape the EU, involve ourselves in EU discussions and vote on issues

• seem to have their facts right on this one. As a member of the EU the UK is a key player in decision-making for the world's largest single trading bloc, which helps us defend and promote British businesses' interests. As the CEO of Lotus asked about Brexit and his industry in March: "Would Britain be able to valuably contribute to legislation, design, innovation and technology for cars in the future if it doesn't have a seat at the table?"

4. The EU has brought peace to Europe

• Correct. Cooperation between EU member states has been a driving force for peace and prosperity in Europe since the Second World War. In 2012 the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for this reason.

5. Tough environmental legislation

• As say, tackling climate change and protecting the environment are a key strength of the EU, from ensuring cleaner beaches and reducing urban congestion, all the way to saving your household £158 per year through products policy.

6. All member states abide by the same laws re fishing quotas

• Coordinated action and unified regulation across countries are at the heart of the single market, delivering benefits to citizens across Europe on a daily basis.

7. Farmer subsidies

• While the EU's Common Agricultural Policy is not uncontroversial, have correctly identified the benefits of EU funding for many of Britain's 41,000 farms. With €25bn in CAP funding heading Britain's way over the next 6 years, it is hard to imagine any farmers keen to opt for a Brexit.

8. Big business to move elsewhere, lose tax revenue

• seem to finally understand that Business leaders across the UK recognise the vitality of EU membership for the British economy. Many of them - most prominently Deutsche Bank in May this year - make no secret of the fact that a Brexit might mean relocating offices, production and investment.

9. UK risks being a maverick, isolated state

• While Brexiteers are busy shouting in public about global Britain going its way alone on the international stage, in private they clearly know that membership of the EU helps the UK project global influence and act in our national interest. In fact, leaving the EU is widely considered to reduce Britain's power in negotiations. Those arguing for us to leave often say they want to do more business with countries such as America, but perhaps they should listen when global leaders such as President Obama are urging the UK to stay in?

10. Withdrawal of EU employment laws, EU Arrest Warrant

• The EU champions workers' rights and EU law has enshrined four weeks paid holiday, maternity rights and redundancy protections, to name a few. And the European Arrest Warrant has reduced the time span of extradition from one year to just 48 days, and helps police in the UK and other EU member states to tackle transnational crime more effectively.