25/03/2015 12:55 GMT | Updated 25/05/2015 06:59 BST

How to Hire the Best - Your Guide to Finding Top Talent

We're always told to delegate wisely - it's the sign of success - so take it to the modern platforms and flourish by using freelancers who live, breathe and love their niches. It's a win-win relationship, with no commitment required.

There's a reason that top HR professionals are so highly sought after, and it's not just because paperwork is a pain. Let's face it; hiring new talent is a headache. From the job spec to the hundreds of unsuitable applicants, wading through the recruitment process ranges from frustrating to infuriating, so is it any wonder so many of us outsource?

Recruitment agencies promise it all - The best in the business for minimal effort. But is this really value for money? With the World Wide Web closing gaps between professionals, it's no longer who you know that can make those connections for you. It's finally what you know that counts. So say goodbye to head-hunters and "Executive Recruiters", because, with the right tactics, you can take the hard work out of the hiring process yourself.

The first thing to consider is what you're looking for. Let's face it; the most talented full timer is going to be up to his ears in offers already, not to mention his current company throwing bonuses and bribes at him on a monthly basis to keep that loyalty. Finding available or "woo-able" talent takes a few tricks, so get ready to try new tactics. I have found that, although the best in the business may not be available, they will know best who their competition is. They've spent years in their business, after all! So ask for a recommendation.

Far from settling for second best, the modern professional has a wide range of variable skills, and so actually there's no such thing as the "first prize" candidate. Making sure you employ someone with an understanding of your business across the board is essential. Although the skills may have seemed the same, what looks like an expert in one setting can fail miserably in another. In this instance, the audience and approach required were as drastically different as the two industries, so he had to go back to the drawing board. The modern mogul needs a specialty, a niche, because if they don't then they're just a Jack of all trades (master of none). Find yourself an expert in your field and make sure you're on the same team.

Importantly, it may be time to reconsider how you structure your employment process. With so many businesses choosing to break up the responsibilities of any given role and farm them out individually, it's foolish to ignore the benefits. Yes, having a full time team can create unity and, undoubtedly, a force to be reckoned with, but is there another way? Every professional will admit to weaknesses within their roles, and although it can seem daunting to delegate a whole structured role into individual tasks, it can mean you get the best results. At PeoplePerHour, freelancers specialise in the spectrum of skills, meaning you can locate the top talent and choose the best for the job without committing to a contract. No need to lure them away from their loyalties... One in four professionals are choosing to work in freelance now, and with PPH's Top Talent application highlighting the best of the bunch, you can drive your company forward by dismantling and delegating.

Bad hires cost companies in so many ways, and engaging with freelancers really can minimize your risk and maximise the quality of the work you're receiving back. Restructuring how you recruit can seem daunting, but it ensures that you keep a firmer grasp of how your business ticks. Also, with so many people padding their CV's, why take their word for it? With freelancing platforms you work on real time recommendations and un-invented portfolios, from people who really don't need to be making up experience. Their work speaks for itself!

Finding top talent can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle, but with so many companies restructuring their recruitment process, the future looks bright. So instead of delegating your web content to the girl in marketing, make sure it's in the hands of a professional Content Writer who specialises in your industry. Put your Social Media in the hands of someone who spends their days doing the same thing for hundreds of companies similar to yours, instead of coercing reception to "give it a go".

We're always told to delegate wisely - it's the sign of success - so take it to the modern platforms and flourish by using freelancers who live, breathe and love their niches. It's a win-win relationship, with no commitment required.