19/09/2012 10:00 BST | Updated 18/11/2012 10:12 GMT

Can Kate Middleton and Prince Harry Have It All?

Following the events of the recent weeks (Prince Harry's naked pictures in a Vegas hotel and Kate Middleton's topless pictures on holiday) some may be wondering whether it is possible for the royals to have it all. They have the titles, popularity and money, but it appears that they also want to live their lives like everyone else.

When photos of a naked Prince Harry surfaced on the webzine, TMZ, one was inclined to believe that he didn't think anything of it at the time. Far from it, he appeared to be in high spirits, playing a game of strip billiards with a group of people. We know that Prince Harry is a red blooded young man and will be susceptible to the desires that all young men experience, and on that night he gave in to them.

Just a few weeks later, and as if she hadn't heeded the warning from Prince Harry's scandal, the Duchess of Cambridge was caught topless on a terrace whilst on holiday with Prince William near Avignon in France.

Whilst TMZ were spared litigation, Chi magazine, of Italy, who published the photos of Kate Middleton, haven't been so lucky. St James's Palace has taken legal action against the publication to prevent the photos being reprinted. Really? So what stopped the Palace from suing TMZ? Furthermore, if such pictures would have surfaced about other celebrities, the majority of tabloid magazines would have published them in a heartbeat. We wouldn't have witnessed the coyness that the Great British press are currently displaying with regards to the controversial Royal photos.

Unfortunately for Prince Harry and Kate Middleton they can't live their lives like ordinary members of the public. Fame comes with a degree of intrusion, be it right or wrong. You trade in the privacy and anonymity for some measure of celebrity. You can't have the good and leave the bad, they came hand in hand.

For Kate Middleton, The extravagant wedding to Prince William and the title of Duchess of Cambridge came at a cost. She was irreversibly thrust into the public sphere and her every move forever scrutinised. But she was aware of that before she began dating Prince William. Prince Harry on the other hand was born into the throne, so we can argue that he didn't have many choices, but his mother served as a poignant example of the intrusion that the media are capable of.

The situation that Kate Middleton and Prince Harry found themselves in is regrettable to say the least, but not surprising. Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, lady Gaga etc, cannot take their clothes off anywhere near the public domain and hope for the best. The 'best' that would happen would be several pictures taken and subsequently published.

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