04/02/2014 06:02 GMT | Updated 05/04/2014 06:59 BST

Laughter Is Infectious!

The saying goes 'laughter is infectious'. This was made truly evident when I was sitting on a train the other day. The whole carriage was completely silent and the dull surroundings amplified the looks on people's faces. All of a sudden, my friend and I started laughing hysterically over a seemingly insignificant comment. As our infectious laughter continued, the other passengers went from straight faced, to small grins. The grins then turned into chatter, then from chatter into laughs. It was amazing to see the whole atmosphere of the carriage change, the continued infectious atmosphere rung throughout until the end of our journey.

Once we had left the train, I asked my friend if she was aware of what had happened. She was oblivious to the fact that people had absorbed our energy and to the buzz that was around her. This then made me think if this was relevant to any other aspect of life. It did not take long to find a common connection in a likely place. If you have read some of my other articles, you may be aware that I am part of a community of investors. Apart from obvious entrepreneurial traits, I have come to realise that everyone individually has an uncompromised ambition for success. The more people that join the community, the more the atmosphere heightens. It can be described as a drum of adrenaline slowly beating louder and louder, faster and faster. Over time, the success of each individual is evident and that filters throughout the community with force.

It is no wonder why people attend these motivational seminars where tens of thousands of people are driven to standing up and shouting due to the atmosphere. They leave with a clear and new found motivation of what needs to be done to achieve the ultimate success that they have always dreamed of. They write down the steps and what it will take to get them there, they go home and tell their friends and family how and what they are going to do to achieve this. They are soon met by harsh words of criticism and demotivational comments and it is not long before their new found ambition is drowned out by the sceptical pressure now apparent in the atmosphere. Only a strong, forceful person with an uncompromised ambition for success could continue the momentum that they had prior to the negative surroundings.

So what if you could become part of a community where this buzz for success was consistently, ringing through your ears and mind in every situation of doubt. I have almost 100% certainty that with every day that passes you will become one step closer to reaching whatever it is that is driving you to become not just great but outstanding, where feeding off people's ambition will fuel your fire for excellence and through positive thinking, shared success almost grows out of thin air.

It is inevitable that the adrenaline of ambition runs though each of our bodies in ample quantities, but it seems that it lies dormant in some and active in others. It is obvious that this success can be teased out of all of us no matter what our situation, but it is down to us to keep the fire of ambition and success burning throughout all situations. This is why I feel blessed to share a friendship and mentoring business with someone whose uncompromised tidal wave of ambition and blinding drive for success matches my own and when we meet this is amplified and the energy surges between us. We both are members of the discussed community of investors where this same energy is passed amongst others, headed by own amazing mentors.

Laughter is infectious and so is success. If you surround yourself with the right energy, anything is possible. Negativity is just as easily passed on so it is imperative to surround yourself with as many influential and successful people as you can, pass on you stories of success with others and, in turn, listen to theirs. I am sure you will start feeding off a new energy that will then carry you to new success.

Moral of the story: surround yourself with people you want to be like.