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A South Korean company's claim to have found a sunken Russian warship has triggered investor frenzy amid unconfirmed rumours that the ship was carrying 200 tons of gold when it sank in 1905.
source: In fact, it’s a trend seen globally only other countries are seeing more growth than the US
This year will be a testing time for the UK economy as Brexit negotiations will begin and it is likely that the Stock market will continue to make gains with sterling plunging. Theresa May will make a speech on Brexit answering questions on Brexit and this is likely to make the value of the pound fluctuate.
Economies have controlled almost all aspects of human life ever since money was introduced to society. Money makes the world go around and money is power, and power is money. Any escaping of this principle is nearly an impossible effort, unless of course, you have chosen to live in the wild.
However, the next few years are going to be important because the negotiations with the EU will be key in ensuring the economy carries on growing and the actual impact once we officially leave the European Union will determine if there will be a recession or not and if we would have been better off in or out of the European Union.
As the ambiguity continues, the short and long term effects are yet to be seen clearly and what sale they are at, so overall it is early to come to a conclusion. Nevertheless, the recovery of the pound will take some time and will come at a price.