25/05/2015 18:53 BST | Updated 25/05/2016 06:59 BST

So Much Is Happening!

Let me begin with one of most humbling and exciting honors of my life: February 13 (Friday the 13!) 2015...I became Dame Zandra Rhodes at Buckingham Palace. I was allowed two guests. My life partner Salah was unable to travel; I brought my sister Beverley and my close friend and colleague David Sassoon (David has designed for the Royal Family for years). As you can see, when designing my dress for this occasion, I did not go with my signature pink, but rather with ROYAL chapeau was by the talented Piers former student. (picture zandradame)

That evening hundreds of well wishers celebrated with me at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey. I don't drink, but we did serve sparkling wine and PINK Gin.

Days later I found myself in Dublin, doing a trunk show, hosted by Arnott's Department Store showing my new line of clothing with Colebrooke by Windsmoor (picture Zandra Dublin). I received such a warm welcome and cannot wait to visit Dublin again.

Before I knew it I was off again. I went to Mumbai, India, where I have been commissioned to create and installation for the new airport (and while there, a group of Americans traveling with the Smithsonian Institution, invited me to give a lecture about textile design and the role of India in the evolution of modern textile design.)

I then went to Bangladesh, where I am collaboration with People Tree for my new collection of eco-friendly and fair trade clothing.......they do a beautiful job of executing my prints into stylish contemporary cotton clothing.

As soon as I returned to California, I found myself in the middle of "Brit Week". So, I was off to the Shangri La Hotel for an afternoon of high tea and fashion... my couture pieces and those of Piers Atkinson were featured. (picture Zandra BritWeek)...really a lovely day.

In the midst of all of this, I was suddenly asked to return to London for an important Charity Event....for Breast Cancer Awareness and other important causes.....I literally left San Diego on Tuesday, spent hours in London, then back in San Diego on Thursday.

I rushed off to London from California on April 28, in order to arrive in time at the "lotsofcharity Remarkable Dinner" on Wednesday April 29.

This charity was founded by Alistair Morrison.. .and this was quite an interesting party.

Among the many guests were Twiggy, Jeremy Irons, and Dame Kelly Holmes (gold medal Olympian), to name a few.

The concept was created by the iconic photographer Alistair Morrison, to raise funds for important causes by recreating his "Great Briton Portraits".

Photographs taken that evening will be sold to generate support for charities; for example. I serve as the Breast Cancer Campaign's London Ambassador.

The conversation and food were delicious, and there were interesting reunions: Pierce Brosnan meeting up with Diamonds Are Forever songstress Dame Shirley Bassey, was rather entertaining.

Here are some photos I hope you shall find fun, including selfies of Rankin (another extraordinary photographer) and me.

Other pictures include me with 007 aka Pierce Brosnan, Dame Shirley Bassey trying on my bracelet, and Dame Kelly Holmes.

At the moment I am back in California, designing my newest collection, Skype-ing with my London based team daily, and planning a celebration of my being "Damed" with my American friends; the party will also be celebrating the 94th birthday of my beloved Salah Hassanein.

So its bye for now xxxxx

zandra rankin


zandra bassey