31/05/2018 05:07 BST | Updated 31/05/2018 05:08 BST

Teach Girls That It Is Okay To Just Be Themselves

And teach them all this as well...

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Stop telling young girls that they need to settle down before age 21. We all know those women, who go on to point out the failures of being a woman if this rule is not met.

We all know those families and friends who go on to question a woman's worthiness, agenda and sexuality if she remains single for an extended period of time. This is specifically for you.

Just. Stop.

Instead of teaching them how not worthy they will be if they are not attached by a certain age, teach young girls this:

Teach them the importance of knowing themselves, their needs, their wants.

Teach them it's okay to fail.

Teach them compassion and the importance of gratitude.

Teach them to seek knowledge, both spiritual and secular.

Teach them to dream and work hard to reach those dreams.

Teach them about finance and business, art and sport, politics and culture.

Teach them about the world as it is, as it was and as it should be.

Teach them geography.

Teach them about discrimination and hatred, and more importantly teach them about love, respect, friendships and to open their minds.

Teach them that life will get difficult sometimes and that it may even get worse, but will still get better someday.

Teach them that there are others far worse off than them, and that they should help where they can.

Teach them how to have a good attitude, even when everyone else has lost their minds.

Teach them the importance of self-respect and respect for others.

Yes, teach them that marriage is important — but teach them that it requires mental and emotional maturity to be successful.

Teach them the importance of compatibility.

Teach the importance of true companionship.

Teach them about its challenges.

Teach them what marriage truly means, instead of what cultural stereotypes and pop culture tells you it should be.

Teach them about being independent and how to recognise abuse.

Teach to them that there is strength in vulnerability, and that falling apart is human.

Teach them that its okay to lose themselves, to get lost, to start over and completely change direction.

Teach them that you will support them, even when they hurt you or disappoint you.

Teach them to be happy and content within themselves first, before searching for it with someone else.

Teach them to ask for help when they need it, and to stand alone when the time calls for it.

Teach them the importance of never just accepting something because it's what everyone else is doing or saying.

Teach them that to gain true knowledge, questioning is important.

Teach them that no one man has the answer.

Teach them to be warriors, leaders, teachers, and students.

Teach them that there are some extraordinary people in the world, and they are one of them.

Teach your boys the same damn thing!