Funny Tweeters To Follow In 2012 (And None Of Them Are Famous)

29/12/2011 14:37 | Updated 12 January 2012

If you're not on Twitter, you're not only missing out on breaking news, rumoured deaths and the latest cat videos, but also, most importantly: having a guaranteed laugh - or at least: chuckle, or at the very least: smile - every day.

Because Twitter is full of very, very funny people. And many of these very, very funny people are not very, very famous. At all.

So may we be so bold as to suggest that you get your ass on Twitter, and then follow the tweeters below? And if you are on Twitter, then we suggest you simply do the latter.

Some of the following work as comedy writers, some of them work in offices, some of them do neither of those things - quite what they do, we have no idea. All we know is that they are what Liz Hurley would call 'civilians'. And they're just some of the many providers of jokes, puns, amusing observations, whimsical nonsense, giggles and sheer, utter delight that make Twitter such a joyful place to hang out.

If we missed out any of your favourite funny follows, let us know in the comments below. Oh, and we're @HuffPostUKCom. But, y'know: no pressure.

Funniest Tweeters To Follow In 2012
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