If you’ve got a craving for an afternoon calorific chocolate bar or you’re thinking about ordering a greasy takeaway for tonight’s dinner – take a seat and watch this (rather disgusting) video before you tuck in.

Take a journey through your body into your arteries and stomach, where you’re greeted with a yellow, fatty dollop of toxic gloop.

Unfortunately, it’s not a horror movie, but what happens to your insides when you chomp on a slice of fatty, day-old pizza.

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Would It Stop You Eating Junk Food?


An Australian anti-obesity campaign, Livelighter.com, has released its latest TV advert, where we see what happens to our internal organs when we feast on junk food treats.

“We’re taking people on a journey inside their own bodies to help them truly understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle – and the consequences of the alternative,” states the Livelonger.com website.

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“At times, it’s graphic and confronting, but it has to be. We need everyone to realise that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight should be a high priority right now – and not something which can be put off “until tomorrow”.