Wine Better For Vessels Than Vodka, Study Suggests (Plus A-Z Of Heart Health)

11/09/2012 10:58 | Updated 11 September 2012

In a new study that may influence farmers more than health enthusiasts, American scientists noted that pigs with high cholesterol fared better on diets of Shiraz than Smirnoff.

According to a Rhode Island Hospital study, both red wine and vodka can benefit the heart. Red wine dilates blood vessels, while vodka induces collateral vessels to develop.

However, after seven weeks of studying the pigs, researchers noted that red wine appeared to offer the larger cardiovascular benefit.

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"There has been previous research touting the benefits of moderate consumption of wine, but we wanted to test the effects of both wine and vodka in conjunction with high cholesterol," said study leader, Dr Frank Sellke.

"What we found is that moderate consumption of both alcohols may reduce cardiovascular risk, but that red wine may offer increased protection due to its antioxidant properties."

The research is published in the September issue of the journal Circulation.

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